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Everything You Need to Know About Lemongrass & Cats – Fumi Pets

For most cats, lemongrass produces a catnip-like effect. A nibble-friendly patch of lemongrass, whether potted inside or grown in an outside garden, is a...

Are Cats Afraid of Snakes? Everything You Need to Know – Fumi Pets

Humans are vulnerable to a variety of snake myths. Many of us grew up believing snakes were slimy, nasty, all toxic, and frightening, and...


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How Much Does A Leopard Gecko Cost At Petsmart? – Fumi Pets

Reptile expos, in addition to reptile stores, are an excellent location to find leopard geckos that have been well-cared for. Depending on the shop,...

Blue Bay Shepherd Price – What Do They Cost? – Fumi Pets

It's no secret that big, purebred dogs cost a lot of money, but what about large breeds that are still being created and haven't...

All You Need To Know About Crested Geckos – Fumi Pet

Crested geckos were believed to be extinct until 1994 when they were "rediscovered." Their popularity as pets has risen steadily since then. They're a...

5 Fun Facts About Lovebirds – Fumi Pets

Lovebirds are one of the most popular pet parrot species, which comes as no surprise to those who are acquainted with them. Beautiful and...

Explanation on How Dogs Mate – Why Do Dogs Get Stuck? – Fumi Pets

One of the most legitimate concerns for anybody considering becoming a dog breeder is, "Why do dogs get stuck during mating?" As a male...

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