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How Old Are Kittens When They Start to Drink Water? – Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Imagine a kitten. You probably envisioned a kitten sipping milk from a dish and wearing a ribbon around her neck. Kittens that are mature enough...

How to Stop Your Saint Bernard From Drooling – Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Go ahead and chuckle if a Saint Bernard breeder tells you her pups have dry mouths. These cuddly giants leave chew juice all over...


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Full-Grown Sheepadoodles – Here’s How Big They Get – Fumi Pets

A Sheepadoodle is undoubtedly adorable, with a gorgeous, long, silky coat, a kind, easy-going demeanour, and a clever, observant temperament. They resemble a cuddly teddy bear as...

Top 11 Ways to Keep Gnats & Flies Off Your Puppy – Fumi Pets

When the weather is nice in the summer, there's nothing better than sitting in your backyard and soaking up some liquid sunlight as you...

All You Need To Know Before Getting A Golden Dox – FUMI PETS

Also known as a Golden Retriever Dachshund Mix, a Golden Dox is a hybrid of the Golden Retriever and the Dachshund. It is a small to medium-sized dog breed...

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost? Actual Breeder Costs Included – Fumi Pets

Aussiedoodles are beautiful canines that are a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Standard or Miniature Poodle. They've been around for a few...

What Does an Adult Maltese Dog Look Like Full Grown? Everything You Need to Know – Fumi Pets

A full-grown Maltese may be dwarfed by a big breed puppy since it is one of the smallest of the toy breeds — already...

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