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How Old Are Kittens When They Start to Drink Water? – Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Imagine a kitten. You probably envisioned a kitten sipping milk from a dish and wearing a ribbon around her neck. Kittens that are mature enough...

How to Stop Your Saint Bernard From Drooling – Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Go ahead and chuckle if a Saint Bernard breeder tells you her pups have dry mouths. These cuddly giants leave chew juice all over...


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How to Care for Pet Red-Eared Slider Turtles – Fumi Pets

Red-eared sliders may live up to 20 years, so they're a long-term commitment. If you acquire one of these quarter-sized newborns, it may seem...

The 7 Best Flea and Tick Prevention Products for Dogs in 2021 – Fumi Pets

For every dog lover, it's essential to protect your dog against fleas and ticks if he or she spends a lot of time outside since...

All You Need To Know About The Havapoo Dog Breed – Fumi Pets

Everyone has various standards in terms of dog breeds. Some people are searching for service animals to help them cope with their illnesses. Others...

What Does Frog Poop Look Like? – Fumi Pets

The first time I saw frog faeces, I was taken aback by how large it is. I think nearly everyone is taken aback when...

How to Take Care of Newborn Dachshund Babies; Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Dachshunds are affectionate and sweet-natured canines, and dachshund pups are especially adorable. If all goes well, the mother dachshund will look after her newborn...

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