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Everything You Need to Know About Lemongrass & Cats – Fumi Pets

For most cats, lemongrass produces a catnip-like effect. A nibble-friendly patch of lemongrass, whether potted inside or grown in an outside garden, is a...

Are Cats Afraid of Snakes? Everything You Need to Know – Fumi Pets

Humans are vulnerable to a variety of snake myths. Many of us grew up believing snakes were slimy, nasty, all toxic, and frightening, and...


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Is It True White Persian Cats With Blue Eyes Are Born Blind? – Fumi Pets

Despite the fact that Persian cats with blue eyes are not born blind, they may develop vision issues. Cats have a higher chance of...

What Do Toads Eat? 7 Surprising Foods – Fumi Pets

If you want to maintain a toad as a pet, you need to learn about toad meals. Toads consume insects, as you presumably well...

Best 4 Dog DNA Test Kits In 2021 – Fumi Pets

In recent years, at-home DNA testing have become more popular, and the reason is not far fetched.  Who hasn't wished to discover more about...

Sapphire Gem Chicken: The Complete Info Guide – Fumi Pets

The Sapphire Gem, also known as the Sapphire Blue Plymouth Rock or Blue Plymouth Rock, is a popular novelty and speciality bird. Searching the...

Facts and Everything you need to know about Baby Chihuahuas – Fumi Pets

Chihuahuas are Mexican dogs named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The arrival of chihuahua pups may be joyful for everyone in the...

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