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Everything You Need to Know About Lemongrass & Cats – Fumi Pets

For most cats, lemongrass produces a catnip-like effect. A nibble-friendly patch of lemongrass, whether potted inside or grown in an outside garden, is a...

Are Cats Afraid of Snakes? Everything You Need to Know – Fumi Pets

Humans are vulnerable to a variety of snake myths. Many of us grew up believing snakes were slimy, nasty, all toxic, and frightening, and...


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Can You Shave A Tibetan Mastiff? – Fumi Pets

Most dogs with short coats need periodic cuts and cleaning up using trimmers or dull scissors in areas of excessive hair growth. It's usually...

Why Do Baby Kittens Have Fat Bellies? Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Is there anything more adorable than a roly-poly kitten? They're the essence of cute, with their furry bodies and round tummies. Your little bundle...

All You Need To Know About Chicken Tractors And Best DIY Plans – Fumi Pets

Simply described, a Chicken Tractor is a mobile home, similar to a camper or trailer, that houses everything your chicken need. It's a chicken...

23 Common & Rare Dogs With Blue Eyes; Everything you need to know – Fumi Pets

If you've ever seen a dog with blue eyes, you're well aware of how fascinating and appealing the unique colour may be. What is it...

How Much Do Basenjis Cost? Real Breeder Prices – Fumi Pets

Finding out how much a purebred puppy costs, believe it or not, may be tricky. Many breeders do not publish their rates on their...

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