46 Deceased Dogs Found in Ohio Dog Shelter Operator’s Home

46 Deceased Dogs Found in Ohio Dog Shelter Operator's Home

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Heartbreaking Discovery: 146 Deceased Dogs Found in Ohio Dog Shelter Operator’s Home


In a shocking and deeply unsettling event, 146 dogs were found dead inside a house in Mantua, Ohio, as per an announcement by a local animal welfare organization. The house belonged to one of the founding operators of Canine Lifeline, a local dog shelter.

Distressing Discovery: Tip Leads to Devastating Scene

Based on information received about a pending animal cruelty charge in a different jurisdiction against the unidentified founder, the Portage Animal Protective League (APL) – which collaborates with a court-appointed Humane Agent to investigate animal cruelty charges – obtained a search warrant for the premises.

Upon entering the house, a chilling sight greeted the Humane Agent. The house was filled with the bodies of 146 dogs, with no living animals present. The state of the animals varied, with many in advanced stages of decay and confined to their crates.

46 Deceased Dogs Found in Ohio Dog Shelter Operator's Home

The Path Forward: Seeking Answers through Autopsies

To establish official causes of death, animal autopsies will be carried out on the deceased dogs. As of now, the investigation is still underway, with more information expected to be released as the case progresses.

Chalan Lowry, Executive Director of the Portage APL, in her statement to CBS News, said, “The news release is the only information we will be providing at this time.” However, she expressed hope that more details will be shared as the case unfolds.

This deeply disturbing incident underscores the importance of vigilant community oversight and strong legal consequences for animal cruelty.

Originally reported by: CBS News

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