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The American pit bull terrier is a magnificent dog that was created by crossing Bulldogs and Terriers. Originally created as farm dogs, they have now become one of the most popular dog breeds among dog enthusiasts. Pitbulls and American Bullies have a friendly disposition and are anxious to please their owners. They’re bright, but they may be stubborn, so they’ll need a strong pack leader to train them.

All dogs must be aware of their place in the pack, and consistency is essential for a well-trained and happy dog. To achieve a good temperament and well-adjusted family member, dog training should begin when the dogs are pups, and repetition is crucial. Although Pit/American Bullies have a reputation for being ferocious, they are really one of the gentlest dog breeds.

6 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls to Gain Weight and Lean Muscle in 2020

Nutritional Needs Of Pitbulls & American bullies

Pitbulls, like other breeds, have distinct dietary requirements during various stages of their lives. To retain lean muscular mass, they need the right nutrition. When fully developed, an adult dog will weigh between 30 and 60 pounds and will need more protein than other breeds.

Pitbull puppies learn to lap liquids and consume sold foods between the ages of four and six weeks when they are weaned. To make puppy food simpler to digest, it must be blended with milk formula for puppies or water. They would have learned to eat by the time they are six to eight weeks old and don’t need their food to be blended with liquid. However, there should be enough liquid in American Bully Food after they’re weaned to keep them hydrated.

Puppies develop fast between the ages of eight and fourteen months and need additional lipids, vitamins, protein, and minerals for optimal development. Furthermore, pups have a lot of energy and need more calorie-dense food than older dogs who are frequently active but don’t have the same high levels of energy as puppies. At about 14 months, bullies attain adult height, therefore it’s appropriate to transition to adult dog food. However, it might take them many months to attain adult weight. Consult your veterinarian for suggestions.

Adult American Bullies need a well-balanced diet that is tailored to their size, age, and quantity of daily activity. Older dogs are likely to be less active and burn fewer calories than younger canines that are more active. As a result, pick your dog’s food carefully. Here are some things to look for when selecting the finest dog food; Nutritional balance, taste and flavour that the dog would love, quality of ingredient, packaging, artificial colouring or chemicals as well as fillers.

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Here is a list of our recommended top 5

1. VICTOR Select – Dry Dog Food, Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula

VICTOR Select - Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula

This is a delectable, high-protein recipe made with only the finest ingredients. The Victor brand is one of the highest-quality dry feeds for all breeds, and it offers these advantages to your dog. High-quality protein, a comprehensive recipe

Vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, and amino acids are added to low carbohydrate foods. Ingredients that support a strong immune system and a healthy digestive system are very important for your dogs.

2. BULLY PERFORMANCE Dog Food for All Life Stages

BULLY PERFORMANCE BP16932 All Life Stage Dog Food

This is a fantastic alternative for a picky eater dog. This meal is designed specifically for bully breeds. The major ingredient is high-quality animal protein sources that aid in the development of lean muscular mass. BULLY PERFORMANCE Ingredient has no by-products, corn gluten, maize, wheat, or soy, and it’s highly delicious, so your dog will enjoy it.

3. Bully Max High-Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

This brand of dog food offers a tasty flavour that dogs like, it is nutritionally balanced, and is rated highly among the best dog food brands. Bully Max High-Performance is rated five out of five stars. Because the formula is meat-based, dogs adore it. The recipe has no soy, wheat, or corn fillers and is created entirely of natural ingredients. Bully Max dog food has a fat content of 20% and a protein content of 30%.

4. Taste of Wild Premium Dry Dog Food with High Protein Real Meat Recipe

Taste of the Wild Real Meat Recipe

Pitbull terriers, whether adult or puppy, need a high-calorie, nutrient-dense diet to maintain their growth. Instead of depending on beef or chicken, the Taste of Wild High Prairie offers a protein-dense, grain-free diet rich in fresh meats, including genuine buffalo meat, venison, and bison. Meanwhile, this recipe provides more than 25% of the needed amount of protein for Pit bulls, which is 30%, making it hypoallergenic and helping to maintain the immune system.

5. Maximum Bully All Life Stage Protein Strong Muscle Health Balanced Diet Dog Food

Maximum Bully Premium Dry Dog Food

This is a fantastic option for any Pitbull/American Bully at any age. Because the food is nutritionally complete, you can be certain that your dog is receiving all of the vitamins and minerals needed to keep it healthy. This high-quality food is readily digestible by both young and older dogs.

Any of the meals on this list will give all of the vital elements for a Pitbull/American Bully’s optimum health. Dogs, like humans, have distinct dietary requirements. An adult dog’s typical caloric consumption is 30 calories per pound of body weight. This indicates that a Pitbull/American Bully needs to eat between 900 and 1,800 calories per day. They may be able to ingest 35 to 40 calories per pound since they are more muscular than many other breeds. The ordinary Pitbull might eat between 1,050 and 2,400 calories per day as a result of this. Discussing your dog’s calorie intake with your veterinarian is the best method to find out.

Nutritional Tips for puppies and Adult Dogs

Every puppy is entitled to a long and healthy life. Pet owners who make an effort to maintain their dogs in good health will get the benefits of having a strong, fit, and happy companion. Nutrition is the most essential aspect that influences one’s health. Pit bulls and the American Bully need a balanced diet since they are high-energy animals that might develop skin and health problems.

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Always give your puppy or dog high-quality, nutritionally balanced food. Because this is a high-energy breed, you may wish to select a natural diet for medium-sized dogs or a working breed meal. Lean meat, fish, or chicken should always be the primary item in your dog’s diet. If there are carbs in the meals, they should be simple to digest. Carbohydrates are digested differently by different dogs. Always pick foods that have less than 5% dietary fibre. It will be easier for your Pitbull puppy to transition to an adult formula if the substance is comparable to what the puppy is used to.

Meet Protein Needs

Protein helps to keep bodily tissue healthy by repairing and building muscle. A high-protein diet provides the amino acids that the dog need to prevent a variety of health issues. Protein is also required for hair development, good skin, and a strong immune system. Protein necessary for energy, and given how much energy a pit bull or bully expends each day, its diet must assist compensate for this. Puppies need highly digestible, high-quality protein because their developing bodies do not digest or utilise protein as efficiently or effectively as adult dogs. Rather to relying on grain or animal by-products, choose foods that contain stuff like eggs. Don’t be concerned about solely feeding puppy food. Instead, examine the ingredient label to make sure they receive all they need. 50-70 percent protein is a fantastic option for older pit bulls and bullies. Muscle meat, organ or offal meat, and eggs are all wonderful sources of micronutrients and amino acids that your dog need. Fish and poultry are good sources of protein as well. Pet owners may either choose a high-quality dry food that has these components or use these choices to complement their primary food source.

Keep an eye on their vitamin levels.

Vitamin A promotes the health of a dog’s skin, eyes, and immune system.

Vitamin B regulates hormones, controls metabolism, and protects against sickness.

Vitamin C aids in the improvement of memory and the reduction of inflammation. Other vitamins help to maintain healthy bones and muscles, safeguard cognitive function, and lower the chance of reproductive problems.

All of the vitamins that a dog needs are included in a nutritionally balanced dog feed. Owners who wish to make their own dog food should include foods that have these vitamins in their recipes. To make their cuisine healthily full, use actual foods rather than supplements.

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Lowering Their Health Risks

Thyroid illness is a common problem in pit bulls. According to several research, eating a high-protein, antioxidant-rich diet may lower the risk of thyroid illness and alleviate the symptoms of those who already have it. These dogs should eat organic, grain-free meals. Many bigger dogs suffer from hip dysplasia and knee issues, but even little pit bulls are in danger. Special diets are required for dogs that have these diseases in order to alleviate their pain and increase their movement. Processed meals and meals with artificial tastes and colours should be avoided. Instead, where feasible, opt for full, natural ingredients. Inflammation may be reduced by feeding your dog salmon and flaxseed oil. Calcium can help dogs with arthritis and lower their chances of developing the disease, keep their bones healthy, and avoid additional joint damage. Sugar, corn oil, or salt should not be given to the dog in any treats or food.

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Managing Skin Conditions

Pit bulls and bullies, unfortunately, have a significant risk of skin disorders. Some of the problems are caused by genetics, while others are caused by allergies. Chemical sensitivity is a frequent issue that might result in an allergic reaction. Reactions may be reduced by eating natural, preservative-free foods and snacks. Also, avoid soy, wheat, and maize, which are typical allergy triggers. Fish oil may aid in the maintenance of healthy skin. If allergies become a concern, consider switching to raw beef or poultry for a brief period of time to simplify the diet. Allergy-prone dogs may benefit from an allergy immune supplement.

Keeping an eye on their food intake.

Free-eating, or keeping dry food accessible at all times, is a terrific way to make a dog fat. Pitbulls and bullies, however, may have appetites as big as their hearts, which may lead to health problems. Obesity is a known cause of arthritis and hip dysplasia, as well as a risk factor for cancer and heart disease.

Puppies need to be fed regularly because their rapid metabolism burns energy rapidly. Allow the dog to eat around a quarter-cup of dry food 4-6 times a day from the age of 3-6 months. As the puppy develops, gradually increase the quantity. Continue doing so until the dog is roughly 18 months old. Three times a day, large adult dogs should eat around one cup of dry food. If you feed your dog twice a day, for example, offer half of their daily allowance at each mealtime.

Dogs that guzzle their food should not be given a whole portion at once. Bloat is a significant issue, so keep an eye on them as they eat. Give the dog half of what they’re supposed to get, wait a few minutes, and then give them the remainder. Before going for a walk or a run, give your pet time to digest their food. Usually, an hour or two of quiet time is sufficient.

Keep an eye on the dog to make sure the quantities supplied are correct. The amount of food required depends on the dog’s activity level, size, genetics, and age. A mature pit bull or bully, for example, normally weighs 30-60 pounds, but they may be more. However, weight isn’t the only factor to consider, since certain dogs’ height and muscular mass enable them to bear greater weight.

Looking at and cuddling a dog is a simple method to tell whether it needs more or less food. An underweight dog’s ribcage is plainly evident and difficult to touch. A healthy dog’s ribs are only visible in certain positions and are perceptible to the touch, but they should be covered by a comfortable skin covering. Extra weight is indicated by a sagging belly and ribs concealed underneath a pile of fat.

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Diets to Consider

Adult dogs who are overweight must lose weight in a healthy manner. Start with exercise and gradually decrease their goodies. Replace high-calorie snacks with healthier alternatives such as carrots or melons. Reduce the food amounts by a quarter cup every day to avoid the dog becoming too hungry all at once. Always weigh their meal portions since it’s all too simple to overeat without realising it. Schedule a vet visit if the dog does not lose weight after a week or two on the diet. Some medical problems, such as Cushing’s Disease, make it difficult to lose weight.

A good diet keeps dogs healthy and happy, and it’s one of the simplest ways for a pet owner to demonstrate their love and respect for their pit bull or bully. A healthy meal plan does not have to be difficult to put together or costly to serve. According to studies, feeding dogs the appropriate food may help them live up to two years longer.


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