From White House to Doghouse: Biden’s Pet Commander Accused of Biting

Biden's Pet Commander Accused of Biting

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From White House to Doghouse: Biden’s Pet Commander Accused of Biting


The Troubling Tale of Commander, the White House Pooch

US President Joe Biden’s adorable German Shepherd, Commander, has found himself at the center of controversy after a series of biting incidents, some even occurring within the White House premises. This is not the first time a Biden family pet has faced such accusations, raising concerns about the pets’ behavior in the presidential environment.

Commander’s Turbulent Journey at the White House

Commander, a cute and playful pup, stepped paw-first into the bustling White House back in 2021. However, his seemingly innocent demeanor took a turn for the worse, as reports of at least ten biting incidents emerged, with one case being severe enough to send the victim to the hospital. The incidents, involving White House staff and even a Secret Service member, have garnered media attention and public scrutiny.

Calls for Remedial Measures and Training

Concerns about Commander’s behavior have prompted First Lady Jill Biden and her team to address the issue with utmost seriousness. The First Family recognizes the unique and often stressful environment that family pets experience in the White House. As a result, they have partnered with the Secret Service and building staff to establish new protocols and initiate additional training sessions for commanders.

Biden's Pet Commander Accused of Biting

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that efforts are underway to create designated areas for Commander’s exercise and playtime. The goal is to ensure both Commander’s well-being and the safety of the people around him. However, the road to rehabilitation will require diligent efforts and patience.

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History Repeats: Major’s Troublesome Past

Interestingly, Commander’s fellow German Shepherd, Major, has also faced difficulties adapting to White House life. In 2021, Major was temporarily sent back to the Biden family home in Delaware following at least one biting incident. Similar to Commander, Major underwent extra training before being relocated to live with family friends.

White House Pets: A Historical Perspective

The White House has a storied history of housing presidential pets, and dogs have always been the more prevalent choice among the First Families. Over the years, these furry companions have captured the hearts of the nation. From George HW Bush’s beloved English Springer Spaniel, Millie, to Barack Obama’s charming Portuguese Water Dogs, Bo, and Sunny, these presidential pups have left a lasting impression on the American public.

In Praise of Feline Friends

While dogs have enjoyed more prominence in the presidential mansion, the Bidens do have a feline member of their family named Willow, a short-haired tabby. However, cats in the White House are a rare occurrence, with dogs taking center stage throughout history.

As the Bidens continue to work diligently on finding the best solutions for their furry companions, the nation watches closely, hoping to see Commander and Major thrive in their forever homes.

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