Golden Retriever Forms Heartwarming Bond with Baby Squirrel: A Tale of “Lots of Restraint”

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Golden Retriever Forms Heartwarming Bond with Baby Squirrel: A Tale of “Lots of Restraint”


Golden Retrievers, often known for their exuberance, surprised everyone with their gentle nature in an unlikely friendship with a baby squirrel. Aimee Wright, the owner of a five-year-old retriever named Flint, witnessed a heartwarming encounter between her canine companion and a young squirrel that defied expectations.

Initially filled with concern when she spotted Flint alongside the squirrel in her yard in Cleveland, Ohio, Aimee’s fears quickly turned into awe. The retriever displayed “lots of restraint,” surprising everyone with his gentle demeanor, while the squirrel remained remarkably calm.

“I was shocked because it’s a retriever’s nature to chase and retrieve, but also grateful that he was so good with the little one,” Aimee shared with Newsweek. Overwhelmed by the precious moment, she captured it on video to share this heartwarming story with the world.

Her initial concerns about the squirrel’s safety soon dissipated as she observed their interaction. “I was initially concerned because of the general demeanor of squirrels. However, after realizing this one was so young and comfortable being around our dog and us, we were no longer worried,” Wright explained.

Flint’s interaction with the baby squirrel, as seen in the video she shared on her TikTok account (@awright981), has touched the hearts of thousands. The video has already garnered over 324,000 views and 14,000 likes, drawing admiration for the “baby squirrel and golden retriever with lots of restraint.”

A Brief Encounter

The squirrel shared about 20 minutes of quality time with Flint before making a swift exit. Aimee ensured the squirrel had food and water by placing water, peanuts, and sunflower seeds outside. However, the furry visitor disappeared after taking shelter under their deck.

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Despite the brief encounter, Aimee remains hopeful that the baby squirrel will return to rekindle its heartwarming friendship with Flint.

Canine Instincts and Prey Drive

This unusual friendship between Flint and the squirrel defies typical canine behavior, as dogs often exhibit a prey drive, an instinctive desire to chase and capture perceived prey, which can include birds, cats, or squirrels. PetMD explains that a dog’s prey drive involves hunting, stalking, and chasing.

While domestic dogs usually don’t engage in the “kill” phase of the prey drive, they retain the desire to capture their prey. Some breeds are more likely to exhibit this behavior, including sporting dogs, herding breeds, and hounds. Among these breeds are spaniels, retrievers, border collies, beagles, and greyhounds.

Heartwarming Reactions on TikTok

The heartwarming video shared by Aimee on TikTok has garnered widespread attention, leaving her pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response. “I can’t believe how many views the video has, but it was a rare incident, so I should have guessed,” she reflected.

Among the hundreds of comments on the viral video, many highlighted the gentle nature of the two animals and celebrated their blossoming friendship. One commenter noted, “So cute, he wanted to speak and network,” while another expressed, “Just a beautiful moment. Goldens are the best dogs ever.”

The heartwarming tale of a golden retriever and a baby squirrel proves that extraordinary friendships can emerge from the most unexpected encounters.

Source: Newsweek – Golden Retriever Befriends Baby Squirrel With ‘Lots of Restraint’



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