Border Collie’s Adorable Cat Herding: Viral Sensation Delights Animal Lovers

Border Collie's Adorable Cat Herding

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Border Collie’s Adorable Cat Herding: Viral Sensation Delights Animal Lovers


Canine Royalty in a Feline Kingdom

In an Australian household brimming with eleven rescue cats and four rescue dogs, one might expect the feline residents to rule the roost. However, a charismatic border collie has ascended the throne, all thanks to his innate herding instincts.

Viral TikTok Triumph

A heartwarming TikTok video featuring this devoted border collie, shared by Kelly Dinham (@kellydinham), took the internet by storm. Within just one day, the video racked up an astonishing 1.5 million views, 326,300 likes, and 831 comments, captivating the hearts of viewers worldwide.


He’s just making sure everything is under control! 🐕 #bordercollie #catsoftiktok #rescuecat #petsoftiktok #adoptdontshop #dogsoftiktok

♬ Do You Believe in Magic – The Lovin’ Spoonful

The Watchful Shepherd

The endearing footage showcases the border collie’s diligent patrol of the house. With a keen eye, he surveys the room, ensuring the safety of his feline companions. There’s no respite for this diligent working dog!

A Dog with a Smile

Remarkably, the border collie carries out his responsibilities with an infectious smile, seemingly relishing his role as the guardian of “his flock of cats.” The cats reciprocate with affectionate kisses and playful nose boops, establishing a heartwarming bond.

“Under Control” and Overflowing Love

Captioned “He’s just making sure everything is under control!” and set to The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe in Magic,” the video encapsulates the harmonious relationship between the border collie and his feline companions.

Internet’s Adoration

The online community couldn’t get enough of this pup’s heartwarming duties, showering Dinham with adoration in the comments. One TikTok user exclaimed, “So gentle and sweet with his flock. He’s doing a great job.”

Another shared their own border collie’s cat-herding skills, saying, “My border collie can ‘get the cats’ and will find them anywhere and herd them to me.” Dinham responded, revealing another endearing trait: “That’s so cute! Bear’s sister is deaf, and we say ‘Where’s Honey?!’ and he goes to get her.”

Seeking Insight from the Owner

Newsweek reached out to Kelly Dinham via TikTok for her thoughts and insights on this heartwarming viral sensation.

The Heritage of Border Collies: Natural Born Herders

The Intrinsic Herding Instinct

The border collie’s reputation as a consummate herding dog is deeply embedded in their DNA. Renowned as one of the finest and most beloved herding breeds, border collies have been dutiful working dogs for centuries, dating back to the 1800s.

A Rich Historical Connection

Scholars suggest that the lineage of this remarkable breed extends even further into history. The border collie’s heritage is intricately tied to livestock farming and the wool trade in the United Kingdom, according to insights from the American Kennel Club.

Born on the Border

The breed’s name itself originates from its geographical roots. These agile herders were originally bred in Scotland, thriving on the borderland between Scotland and England. “Collie” is a Scottish term that refers to a sheepdog.

Meeting the Herding Demands

Herding diverse livestock such as sheep, goats, and cattle demands specific qualities in a herding dog: size, speed, and temperament. This necessitated a broad and varied gene pool for breeding, resulting in the exceptional border collie we know today—a breed with an unparalleled focus on herding.

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