10 Best Chicken Feeders for Your Backyard Flock in 2023

10 Best Chicken Feeders for Your Backyard Flock in 2022

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10 Best Chicken Feeders for Your Backyard Flock in 2023


For backyard poultry enthusiasts, providing the right nutrition is crucial to keep your feathered friends healthy and productive. One essential aspect of poultry care is choosing the right chicken feeders.

These simple yet essential devices play a vital role in ensuring that your flock gets the proper nutrition without wasting feed. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of chicken feeders, from different types to considerations when selecting the best one for your backyard flock.

Chicken Feeders

Chickens in the backyard are gaining popularity. Many of these breeds also make wonderful companions in addition to being able to provide you with fresh eggs. Many little poultry feeders are entering the market as more individuals learn about the joys of raising their own birds. The majority of them are suitable for providing certain backyard birds with food. They come in a wide range of sizes and forms, with some performing better in certain contexts than others.

This article examines the top chicken feeders to assist you in determining which one is ideal for your scenario and chicks. Your choice of the finest chicken feeder for your backyard birds should be aided by our evaluations.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

  Image Product Details  
BEST OVERALLWinner Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer   Straightforward to use  Easy to clean  Large opening Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Ware Chick-N-Feeder Ware Chick-N-Feeder   Inexpensive  All-weather plastic  Scratch ring Check Price
Third place Happy Hen Treats Chicken Square Treat Basket Happy Hen Treats Chicken Square Treat Basket   Can be hung  Keeps messes to a minimum  Provides mental stimulation Check Price
  Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer and Port Feeder Set Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer And Port Feeder Set   Feeder and waterer set  10-pound capacity  Keeps food dry Check Price
  Harris Farm Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder Harris Farm Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder   Spring-loaded clips  Can be hung or set on ground  15-pound capacity Check Price

The 10 Best Chicken Feeders for Your Backyard Flock — Reviews 2022

1.  Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer — Best Overall

Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer_Chewy

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We advise the Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer for backyard flocks of most sizes. Since the base is reversible, you can easily flip it over to use it as a water bowl. If you buy two, you can use them for both water and food. It is quite easy to flip since the sides are clearly designated for user convenience. After filling it with either food or water, you simply unscrew the top portion and put it back on the opposite side.

About 64 ounces of water or 4 pounds of food may be stored in the reservoir. You can simply clean it because of how large the hole is. It also means that it won’t often clog up and can handle bigger chunks of food. Because chickens can be messy, the entire setup is designed to be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. It is resistant to water and the weather and holds up well.

Although we focused on the 64-oz. model, there is a 128-oz. feeder available for those who have a lot of birds. It functions much in the same manner, although everything is a little bigger. Given that the sizes indicate overall capacity, we advise purchasing a size larger than what you need. If you choose the smaller choice, you’ll have a very full container if you need to keep precisely 64 ounces of water.


  • Reversible for use with food and water
  • Straightforward to use
  • Two sizes available
  • Easy to clean
  • Large opening


  • Larger size is necessary for water in most cases; the smaller size simply doesn’t hold enough

2.  Ware Chick-N-Feeder — Best Budget Option

Ware Chick-N feeder_Chewy

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The Ware Chick-N-Feeder is very straightforward and reasonably priced. To ensure that your birds may feed from all directions, it is designed to be hung or placed on the ground. You can use it outdoors year-round because of the all-weather plastic construction, which stands up to the elements well. As the hens eat, a scratch ring stops food from spilling, reducing food waste and costing you less. To make cleaning and using this feeder simple, it breaks into two halves.

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For hens that like to muck things up, the scatter guard is really useful. Some hens, nevertheless, find it difficult to consume the food if they can’t distribute it as they’d want. Because of this, some hens may not like using this feeder.

This feeder’s lower cost is partially attributable to its significantly less sturdy construction. It just doesn’t hold its shape as well as other feeders available, which might be problematic if you have a lot of spirited hens.


  • Inexpensive
  • All-weather plastic
  • Scratch ring
  • Can be hung or set on the ground


  • Not as durable as other options

3.  Happy Hen Treats Chicken Square Treat Basket

Happy Hen Treats Chicken Treat Basket_Chewy

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Only certain circumstances allow the Happy Hen Treats Chicken Square Treat Basket to function. It is not intended to be used with chicken pellets or other comparable foods and has a distinct design from other feeders. Instead, it functions best when you can fit bigger objects within. The wire mesh allows the hens to take little portions of the food but stops them from pulling the whole piece off. This minimizes clutter and ensures that each bird receives a little amount. Treat squares or suet cakes go well with it.

It may be set down on the ground or hung from the chicken coop, but you should always anchor it to prevent the hens from moving the whole basket about while attempting to eat what’s inside. Although it’s not exactly designed to carry all the food your chicken needs for a balanced diet, it does provide an additional chance for cerebral stimulation.

Extremely little maintenance is required to operate this wire feeder. It doesn’t need frequent cleaning or much upkeep.


  • Works with larger pieces of food
  • Can be hung
  • Keeps messes to a minimum
  • Provides mental stimulation


  • Can’t be used with most chicken feeds

4.  Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer and Port Feeder Set

KEBONNIXS Automatic Chicken Waterer and Feeder_Amazon

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Use the Kebonnixs Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer and Port Feeder Set to provide your hens with food and water. The port feeder saves you money and ensures that your hens’ food is as hygienic as possible by preventing spills and soiling. Additionally, it keeps the food dry, which makes it a fantastic choice for rainier locations. This feeder takes care of things for you, so there is no need to build a cover over it. Ten pounds of food may feed several birds in it.

The waterer resembles that. It refreshes itself with fresh water automatically. Nothing unusual needs to be picked up by the birds’ pecks. Even though it can contain 2 gallons of water, you’ll still need to fill it up often. The inner cup may be removed for simple cleaning.

However, this kit does cost more than other alternatives. It also takes up a fair amount of space, so be sure you have the room before you buy. This package is not appropriate for those who do not need a waterer. It doesn’t have any heat either, so as the temperature lowers, the water will freeze.


  • Feeder and waterer set
  • 10-pound capacity
  • Keeps food dry
  • Automatically provides fresh water


  • Expensive
  • Large

5.  Harris Farm Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder

Harris Farms 1000293 Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder_Amazon

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The Harris Farm Galvanized Hanging Chicken Feeder is a mediocre choice in terms of poultry feeders. It has a straightforward hanging arrangement, where you fill up the central section and food gently flows out to the hens where they may consume it. The majority of backyard flocks can eat more than enough from its 15-pound capacity. The steel construction is quite durable and can sustain heavy usage. To avoid cuts, all of the edges have been rolled. The clips may be adjusted as needed and are spring-loaded for simple usage.

The lid of this container is missing. If you put it on the ground, it might tip over and spill. Additionally, it doesn’t keep the food inside dry or weather-protected. If bugs manage to get past your hens, they may simply get inside. Given that the top is fully exposed, this chicken feeder is not rodent-proof.

The food’s exit holes might also be hazardous since fowl could get their beaks caught in them.


  • Spring-loaded clips
  • Can be hung or set on ground
  • 15-pound capacity


  • Potentially dangerous holes
  • No lid

6.  Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder_Amazon

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In contrast to most other feeders on the market, the Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover has a unique design. The huge tube may be placed inside a cage or hung on a fence. Under a roof, three little channels get food. It will keep the food dry when it rains and is rodent-proof. It is simple to attach to mesh. According to the advertising, one feeder can accommodate up to six hens, which is the typical number for a backyard flock.

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But only one bird at a time can get to the meal. It is evident that issues might arise if one bird attempts to monopolize the food. While this feeder is inventive and could be perfect for hens that are laidback, it might not work for other chickens.

The roof can withstand light rain, but it isn’t totally watertight. All the food can get moist if water seeps into the tube.


  • Rodent-proof
  • Easy to use
  • Works for four to six chickens


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Can only be used by one chicken at a time

7.  RentACoop Chicken Feeder

RentAcoop Chicken Feeder_Amazon

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The RentACoop Chicken Feeder can work well for those who have many hens. It is big and can accommodate 20 pounds of food. It features a top to keep water out and prevent birds from roosting on it, which helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the food. Additionally, the porthole design allows the birds to feed from the food while keeping it dry and hygienic.

Despite the fact that this feeder does a lot, it is pretty pricey for what it is. This can be your best choice if you have a lot of hens since it is less expensive than buying a lot of separate feeders. However, you don’t need anything this expensive if you just have a few chickens. Additionally, the quality of these feeders is poor. The margins of the holes are often rough and carved irregularly. The overhang inserts don’t always fit perfectly, therefore adhesive repairs may be necessary.

Overall, unless you have a lot of hens, we don’t think this feeder is worth the price. You may want to think about this for flocks larger than eight. If not, purchase something smaller.


  • Holds 20 pounds
  • Keeps food dry
  • Non-roosting top


  • Expensive
  • Cheaply made

8.  Ware Corner Cage Chicken Feeder

Ware Corner Cage Feeder_Chewy

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You may want to think about the Ware Corner Cage Chicken Feeder for the corner of your chickens’ cage. It saves a significant amount of room by tucking neatly into the coop’s corner. It is made of galvanized steel, which is very strong and resilient.

This feeder might be useful in certain circumstances, particularly if you buy more for each corner. Plan on using more than one feeder to feed a large flock of hens since this one is smaller than many other alternatives. Only one animal’s worth of food can fit in it. However, if you buy four to put one in each corner, the product’s usefulness is much increased.

Additionally, only one animal may consume food from this feeder at once. This may not be a big deal if you simply keep a few hens. However, a feeder that can be accessible from all sides will be more beneficial for larger flocks.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Hangs directly on the cage
  • Galvanized steel for durability
  • Easy to use


  • Small
  • Only accessible from one side

9.  Ware Trough Chicken Feeder

Ware Trough Chicken Feeder

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One of the most straightforward designs available is the Ware Trough Chicken Feeder. It is essentially a huge trough, making it very simple to utilize with a larger flock of hens. You will ultimately save money thanks to a wire scratch barrier that stops the hens from squandering food by dispersing it. Due to how unpleasant it is to sit on, it also deters birds from climbing on it. The sturdy steel construction is resistant to the majority of outside elements.

This feeder works well for large flocks because of its big capacity. To make sure you have enough room for it, measure your coop before buying this feeder. For flocks of around six chickens, we advise using this. If you have more chickens than that, you’ll probably need to supplement with more feeders.

The main issue with this feeder is how easy it topples over. This may be an issue if you have rowdy hens that will attempt to perch on it. As soon as you load it with food, it becomes quite unsteady since the legs are not very sturdy and the bottom is not especially hefty.


  • Wire scratch guard
  • Steel Disadvantagestruction
  • For up to six chickens


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not that stable

10.  Ware Poultry Feeder

Ware Poultry Feeder

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One of the biggest ones is the Ware Poultry Feeder. It can contain far more food than the majority of feeders—up to 17 pounds. The plastic is UV-stabilized to guard against sun damage and is designed to survive prolonged outdoor usage. Either place it straight on the ground or hang it from the metal hook.

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The food flow adjuster lets you change how much food your chickens get. For birds that prefer to eat too rapidly, this is fantastic. It features bigger holes to avoid clogging and can be disassembled for simple cleaning. The layout minimizes waste while keeping the food for your birds hygienic. By keeping your chicken from scratching food out of the container, a scratch guard prevents food from being dispersed.

The primary issues with this feeder seem to be with the shipment. Missing pieces are frequent. Particularly, the absence of the metal hook and auto feeder makes this feeder less functional.


  • Works for many chickens
  • Scratch guard
  • Food flow adjuster


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  • Expensive
  • Commonly missing parts

Buyer’s Guide

You must take a lot of factors into account when selecting a chicken feeder for your backyard flock. By making sure that the hens cannot spread the food and that water cannot seep inside, you may prevent food waste. Of course, you don’t want a chicken feeder that may be harmful either. There are a number of feeders available that might hurt hens.

In this part, we’ll look at several considerations you should make when choosing a feeder for your hens.

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A typical chicken requires 14 pound of food per day, or 112 pounds per week. Of course, the breed of your hens, the weather at the time, and other factors may all have an impact on how much food they consume. However, you may utilize these figures to make plans.

Choose a chicken feeder that will be big enough to feed all of your birds for a day when making your purchase decision. You’ll need one that can contain enough food for many days if you’re planning a trip. You may anticipate the feeder to cost more as it becomes bigger. Additionally, you’ll need a place to store it, which might be difficult if your workspace is limited.


A feeder’s safety should be taken into account before purchase. Although businesses should take precautions to ensure the safety of their goods, this isn’t always the case. Keep in mind that hens like to peck everything and will attempt to roost on anything remotely appropriate. If your bird attempts to peck tiny metal holes or roost on anything with sharp edges, this might result in damage.

Generally speaking, you need to take extra precautions.


Feeders for chickens come in a broad range of prices. While some are less than $10, others are above $100.  Typically, a significant factor is their size. Simply said, larger feeders cost more to produce because they need more materials. Feeders with additional pieces, such as covers and flow adjustments, are often more expensive. In general, if you have a bigger flock or want a feeder with all the bells and whistles, you should be prepared to spend more.


The feeder must be durable unless you want to use it only within a coop. Even if a feeder is just left outdoors, the rain and sun may damage it. Under fact, plastic may degrade in strong sunshine.

The most resilient material is metal, but it may also be costly and dangerous. The best solution is often high-quality plastic, particularly if it has been prepared to resist continuous sunshine. Pick the most robust one that suits your budget since chickens can be pretty rough on items.

Food Wastage

Many characteristics have the potential to reduce food waste. Your hens can’t scatter the food about if you use scratch guards, and rain covers keep the food dry. Most likely, you want the most food-saving features imaginable. You’ll spend less money and fill the container less often as a result.

But these features are only helpful if they function properly. To be sure that any “water-proof” feeders genuinely keep water out, we advise reading reviews.


We suggest the Lixit Poultry Feeder & Waterer for small backyard flocks. It is secure and enduring. It functions as a water dish and a feeder. In addition, it is reasonably priced when compared to alternative feeders.

The Ware Chick-N-Feeder is a good alternative if you want something affordable. It offers scratch protection and all-weather plastic for durability. Try the Happy Hen Snacks Chicken Square Treat Basket if you’re looking for chicken treats.

We trust that our evaluations have assisted you in identifying the ideal feeder for your hens. Select one that can survive your region’s environment and meets your size requirements.

Questions & Answers



Why Do You Need a Specific Feeder for Chickens?

Chicken feeders are designed to address the unique feeding habits and dietary needs of poultry. Unlike other animals, chickens tend to scatter feed when they eat, which can lead to waste and contamination. A well-designed chicken feeder prevents these issues and ensures that your birds have access to clean and fresh feed.


What Are the Different Types of Chicken Feeders Available?

There are several types of chicken feeders to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Common options include gravity feeders, treadle feeders, and trough feeders. Gravity feeders are simple and low-cost, while treadle feeders help keep feed clean and protected from pests. Trough feeders are versatile and can accommodate various types of feed.


How Do You Choose the Right Feeder for Your Flock?

Selecting the right chicken feeder depends on various factors, including the size of your flock, the space available, and your budget. Consider the type of feed you use, the number of birds you have, and their feeding habits. Opt for a feeder that minimizes waste and keeps the feed dry and clean.


What Maintenance Is Required for Chicken Feeders?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep chicken feeders in good condition. Clean the feeders regularly to prevent mold, bacteria growth, and contamination. Ensure that moving parts, such as lids or triggers, are functioning correctly. Additionally, protect feeders from weather exposure to prolong their lifespan.


Can Homemade Chicken Feeders Be Effective?

Homemade chicken feeders can be effective if designed and built correctly. Many poultry enthusiasts create DIY feeders using readily available materials. However, it’s crucial to ensure that homemade feeders meet the needs of your flock, are easy to clean, and minimize feed wastage. Always prioritize safety and sanitation when crafting homemade solutions for your chicken



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