Heartwarming Tale: Dog’s Lifelong Friendship with Building’s Cleaner

Dog's Lifelong Friendship with Building's Cleaner

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Heartwarming Tale: Dog’s Lifelong Friendship with Building’s Cleaner


A Bond That Knows No Bounds

In a heartwarming twist to an everyday story, one man’s beloved goldendoodle, Skrapie, and their building’s cleaner, Alexandra, have forged a friendship that has warmed the hearts of millions.

This tale of canine camaraderie, captured in a viral video, showcases the purest form of affection between species.

A Special Connection

Skubie Mageza, known to many as an ESPN on-air host, is Skrapie’s proud owner. But in the eyes of this loyal pup, Skubie is simply “dad.” Skrapie’s journey began when Mageza decided to bring him into their family. “I got Skrapie from a breeder in the Quad Cities in Illinois,” Mageza shared, reminiscing about the early days. “I lived there when I was a sports anchor at a local TV station called KWQC-TV6.”

Skrapie’s Love for the Game

Skrapie’s exuberance extends beyond his affectionate nature; he shares a deep love for sports with Mageza. “He loves footballs, even though he can’t really play with them because of their size. Anything with ‘ball’ at the end of it is his favorite,” Mageza chuckled. “His absolute joy is playing fetch with his beloved ball.”

A Social Butterfly

While sports are a passion, Skrapie’s greatest love is making new friends, whether they’re of the two-legged or four-legged variety. This sociable pup has an unwavering desire to connect.

The Science of Friendship

A 2023 study on canine health revealed the importance of social interactions in a dog’s life. Over 21,000 dog owners participated, leading to the identification of key factors influencing canine well-being, including social time spent with people or other animals.

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Alexandra: The Special Friend

Among Skrapie’s diverse social circle, one friend stands out—Alexandra, the cleaner in their building. Originally from Colombia, Alexandra shares an extraordinary bond with Skrapie, a friendship that Mageza documented in a heartwarming video.

Capturing the Moments

Skrapie’s affectionate antics, especially his heartwarming reactions upon seeing Alexandra, have garnered nearly one million views on TikTok. Each encounter between the two is a testament to the magic of their connection.

Spreading the Joy

Mageza compiled the video, aiming to share the warmth and positivity of their interactions with the world. The response has been overwhelming, with over 216,000 likes and countless comments expressing admiration for their special bond.

Love Knows No Barriers

Mageza is convinced that the bond between Skrapie and Alexandra is truly exceptional, powered by the world’s most potent force—love. Their story transcends language barriers, reminding us all of the beauty of pure, unconditional friendship.


In the midst of our busy lives, it’s stories like Skrapie and Alexandra’s that remind us of the simple joys and the power of connection. This heartwarming tale has touched the hearts of many and serves as a poignant reminder that love knows no bounds.

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