Creative Solution: Dogs Wrapped Like Burritos to Conquer Freezing Weather

Dogs Wrapped Like Burritos to Conquer Freezing Weather

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Owner Wraps Up Dogs ‘Like Burritos’ To Brave Freezing Weather


Living in the icy heart of Canada can pose a challenge, especially when you have short-haired pups as your loyal companions. However, one ingenious dog owner from the Great White North has come up with a heartwarming and clever solution to ensure her dogs can still enjoy their daily walks even in the harshest winter conditions.

In a delightful viral video that took TikTok by storm, shared by the owner’s daughter under the username kaitspov, two eager pups eagerly await their daily stroll. But what sets this apart is how these furry friends have been bundled up in jackets and socks, resembling adorable burritos ready to face the frigid Canadian winter.

A Hilarious Winter Solution

Accompanying this heartwarming video is a caption that reads, “When it’s -42 in Canada so your mom creates leg warmers for your dogs and then sends you a video of them wrapped up like burritos so they can just take a short walk outside.” The caption continues with praise for the innovative mom, “Honestly mom is a genius for this.”

Some dogs are naturally more sensitive to cold weather than others, making it essential to keep them warm during the winter months, unless you happen to have a Siberian Husky as a companion. According to guidance from the Avenues Vet Centre in the U.K., taking your dogs for a walk in cold weather is possible, provided you take the necessary precautions.

Keeping Your Canine Companions Warm

The first suggestion is to consider investing in dog jackets, socks, or boots, which can act as a protective barrier between your furry friends and the freezing temperatures outside. Moreover, it’s advisable to limit your walks to 15-20 minutes to minimize exposure to the cold.

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The website emphasizes that even though some dogs are more tolerant of cold weather, you should never leave them outside for extended periods without a warm retreat.

Viral Sensation

The heartwarming video quickly gained traction on social media, attracting viewers from various platforms, including Instagram. It has already garnered over 148,000 views and 19,300 likes on the platform.

Sukuna’s Object, one viewer, commented, “This is how my Chihuahua mix expects me to dress him in 1C weather.” Bearsm0m chimed in with, “If we’re cold, they’re cold. Bless your mom for taking care of these fur babies.”

Jennifer Rae humorously remarked, “The most Canadian dog mom thing I’ve ever seen. I love it.”

Seeking Insights from kaitspov

Newsweek reached out to kaitspov for comment via TikTok chat, eager to learn more about the inspiration behind this heartwarming video and the dogs’ reactions to their unique winter attire.

In Conclusion

In the bone-chilling Canadian winters, one dedicated dog owner’s creativity and love for her pets have warmed the hearts of viewers worldwide. By ingeniously wrapping up her dogs ‘like burritos,’ she has not only provided them with protection against the elements but also shared a heartwarming and viral moment that celebrates the bond between humans and their four-legged companions.

Source: Newsweek


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