Elio the Singing Labrador Takes Center Stage as Newsweek’s Pet of the Week

Elio the Singing Labrador Takes Center

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Elio the Singing Labrador Takes Center Stage as Newsweek’s Pet of the Week


Pet of the Week: Elio the Labrador

In a world brimming with heartwarming pet stories, Elio, the two-year-old Labrador, stands out as a true sensation. Elio’s claim to fame? He’s not just your everyday canine companion; he’s a singing sensation, and we’ve crowned him as this week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week.

A Labrador with a Musical Flair

Elio, with his shiny coat and boundless energy, has a unique talent that has garnered him a legion of admirers. According to his owner, Vera Danilova, Elio loves to sing—especially when she plays the harmonica. In an endearing and often hilarious video, Elio earnestly attempts to flex his vocal cords, creating tunes that can brighten anyone’s day.

The Pup with Personality

Owner Vera Danilova describes Elio as a bundle of energy and puppy power. This Labrador is not just a singer but a charismatic and playful pup who adores fetching, back scratches, and lending a hand (or paw) in cleaning up the backyard.

As the harmonica plays, Elio’s dulcet howls and barks turn the ordinary into a performance that would rival any musical act. Whether he’s singing the blues or simply lamenting the harmonica’s questionable melody, Elio’s musical endeavors have brought joy to the lives of many.

Pet of the Week Finalists

While Elio takes the spotlight, let’s not forget our other charming finalists this week. They’ve all tugged at our heartstrings in their unique ways:

Buddy and Mimi

Buddy, a Yorkshire Terrier, and Mimi, a delightful Poodle mix, share their love and companionship with owner Reta Durham. Buddy, a dashing three-year-old, boasts a sense of style in his blue jumper. Mimi, on the other hand, came into Reta’s life as a sweet dog, and their bond is a testament to love and devotion.

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Sargeant the Cuddly Belgian Shepherd

Sargeant, a lovable half Belgian shepherd, may not have passed his sheriff dog qualifications, but he’s certainly won owner James Mora’s heart with his playfulness and cuddles. Sargeant’s favorite pastimes include riding in the car and voicing his opinions on passersby during training sessions.

Espresso, the Drive-Through Discovery

Espresso, the adventurous feline, was discovered near a Starbucks drive-through by Rachael Rose. This brave cat faced the elements, and thanks to Rachael’s determination, he found a loving home. From scared meows to contented purrs, Espresso’s journey to becoming a cherished family member is a heartwarming tale.

Share Your Pet’s Tale

Do you have a furry friend with a remarkable story to share? We’re always on the lookout for the next Pet of the Week. Whether it’s a talented pup, a courageous cat, or any other extraordinary pet, we want to hear from you.

And remember, your pet could be our next shining star in the world of heartwarming animal tales.

Source: Newsweek – Elio the Labrador Trying Very Hard To Sing Wins Pet of the Week


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