Labradoodle’s Joyful ‘Happy Dance’ Earns Pet of the Week Title

Labradoodle's Joyful 'Happy Dance'

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Labradoodle’s Joyful ‘Happy Dance’ Earns Pet of the Week Title


Ending 2023 with a Wag and a Jig

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s celebrate the year’s final Pet of the Week—a heartwarming video featuring an adorable Labradoodle with a penchant for dancing. Throughout this year, Newsweek has showcased a delightful array of readers’ furry companions, from canine whisperers to fearless ferrets. Now, we introduce you to our festive and furry finale.

Blossom, the Dancing Labradoodle

Meet Blossom, a miniature Labradoodle residing in Gilbert, Arizona, with her loving owner, Lisa Alopogianis. Blossom, who is set to turn three years old in April, has captured hearts with her infectious enthusiasm and a particular talent that has earned her the prestigious Pet of the Week title.

Pure Joy in Every Step

Described by Alopogianis as a source of pure joy, Blossom’s exuberance is contagious. She radiates happiness and relishes the simple pleasures of life. “She loves people, and one of our favorite things to do together is sit out in nature and take it all in,” Alopogianis shared. Blossom’s zest for life is evident in her every step.

A Dance of Delight

In an endearing video shared exclusively with Newsweek, Blossom showcases her “happy dance.” This spirited routine, according to her owner, is a regular occurrence, especially after a satisfying dinner or a delectable pup cup treat.

The Pet of the Week Finalists

While Blossom steals the spotlight as this week’s Pet of the Week, we must also acknowledge our exceptional finalists:

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Schnitzie, the Daring Dachshund

Schnitzie, a Dachshund puppy approaching five months of age, resides in California under the care of owner Diane Cressy. With a distinct sense of independence and a penchant for adventure, Schnitzie stands out even among his fellow pets. Cressy affectionately describes him as a mischievous explorer with a strong desire for feline and chicken companionship.

Kira Lucia, the Unique Chihuahua

In the sunny state of Florida, Debbie Purvis shares her home with Kira Lucia, an extraordinary 6-month-old Chihuahua. Named after a character from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Kira Lucia boasts a distinctive appearance with a square face and an endearing underbite. Her lively spirit finds expression in playful chases with the household cat.

Samson, the Handsome Maltipoo

Completing our lineup is the dashing 3-year-old Maltipoo, Samson. Nicknamed “handsome Samson” by owner Joyce Cerundolo, this 22-pound pup epitomizes the charm of the Maltipoo breed with his signature curly hair. Known for their perpetual puppy-like appearance, Samson adds a touch of static electricity-induced flair to his already stylish demeanor.

Share Your Furry Friends in 2024

As we embark on a new year, remember that your furry companions could be part of our 2024 Pet of the Week lineup. Follow the instructions at the end of this story to submit your beloved pets and share their unique stories with the world.

A Heartwarming Farewell to 2023

With Blossom’s joyful dance and the spirited energy of our finalists, we bid adieu to 2023 on a heartwarming note. These furry friends remind us of the boundless love, laughter, and delight that our pets bring into our lives.

For more heartwarming pet stories and a chance to feature your furry friend, visit Newsweek.


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