Lucy Ballerina: Shelter’s Longest Resident Adopted After 753 Days


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Lucy Ballerina: Shelter’s Longest Resident Adopted After 753 Days


Longest-Serving Shelter Dogs Let True Selves Shine During Day Out

Every dog deserves a loving home, and after an agonizing wait of 753 days, Lucy Ballerina, a 4-year-old Dalmatian mix and the longest-serving resident at the Humane Society of El Paso (HSEP), has finally found her forever family. This heartwarming journey is a testament to resilience, patience, and the unwavering commitment of the HSEP staff to ensure every furry friend finds a home.

Lucy’s Arrival at HSEP

In January 2022, Lucy Ballerina stepped into the Humane Society of El Paso, and little did she know that her journey towards a permanent home would be an extended one. Despite being deaf, Lucy quickly became a beloved member of the shelter, capturing the hearts of the staff, including Courtney Roszak-Moore, the director of marketing and community relations at HSEP.

Endless Waiting and Unwavering Hope

Over the two years, Lucy garnered some interest, but as Roszak-Moore revealed to Newsweek, it was never the right match. The staff at HSEP never lost hope, believing that Lucy’s perfect match was out there, and she would eventually find her way to a loving home.

On February 3, 2024, after an incredible 753 days of anticipation, Lucy Ballerina was adopted. It marked her “gotcha day,” and the joy radiating from her and her new family is evident in the pictures shared by HSEP.

A Commitment to Special Circumstances

Adopting animals with special circumstances, such as Lucy being deaf, requires a unique commitment. Roszak-Moore emphasized, “Making a commitment to an animal is never easy, but it can be more difficult when an animal has special circumstances, such as being deaf like Lucy.” However, Lucy’s story showcases that with time, patience, and the right match, even special needs pets can find their forever homes.

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Lucy’s Adoption: A Cause for Celebration

HSEP shared Lucy’s heartening adoption story on their Facebook page on February 4. The post garnered over 850 reactions and 60 comments from elated dog lovers, celebrating Lucy’s long-awaited journey to a loving home.

“Lucy’s adoption was a little sweeter because she was with us for so long and she finally got to experience a loving, forever home,” shared Roszak-Moore. “The best part is that Lucy’s adoption saves another life, because a new dog will move into her kennel to find their forever home.”

Ongoing Struggles in Shelters

Lucy Ballerina’s story sheds light on the broader challenges faced by animal shelters. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), around 6.3 million companion animals enter shelters annually. While approximately 4.1 million find homes through adoption, there are still millions waiting for their chance.

Shelters like HSEP often grapple with overwhelming demand, and approximately 920,000 animals are euthanized each year, as per ASPCA estimates. Lucy’s adoption, while heartening, serves as a reminder of the countless animals still awaiting their “gotcha day.”

A New Chapter for Lucy and Others

As Lucy embarks on her new life, there’s a poignant shift at HSEP. Rudy, a 7-year-old retriever, becomes the new longest-term resident at over 600 days. The hope now extends to Rudy and others, emphasizing the ongoing need for compassionate adopters.

Among the flood of comments celebrating Lucy’s adoption on HSEP’s Facebook page, one sentiment rings true: “For the people who were so lucky to take her, just want to ask please give her as much love as she will give you.”


Lucy Ballerina’s journey from the longest-serving resident to a cherished family member showcases the power of patience, love, and commitment. As we celebrate Lucy’s “gotcha day,” let’s also extend our hopes and support to others like her, waiting for their turn to shine.

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