Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull After Attempting to Help Elderly Neighbor

Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull

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Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull After Attempting to Help Elderly Neighbor


An Act of Kindness Turns Tragic

In a shocking incident, a South Carolina family experienced a brutal attack from their neighbor’s pit bull while attempting to assist an elderly woman. The ordeal left Bethany Hastings and her young children, Lainey and Wesley Bayles, with both physical and emotional wounds. The unfortunate event unfolded in Bonneau, South Carolina, highlighting the potential hazards of unsupervised pets and the necessity of stringent pet control measures.

Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull

The Unanticipated Encounter

Bethany Hastings, accompanied by her children – 4-year-old Lainey and 2-year-old Wesley – set off on their golf cart to help their neighbor, a dementia patient, whom they noticed wandering confusedly on their property. The family’s charitable intention, however, took a dreadful turn when the neighbor’s pit bull launched an unexpected attack.

Spotting the pit bull charging towards them, the family tried to evade the imminent danger but in vain. Wesley was the first to bear the brunt of the attack, followed by Lainey, who suffered a relentless assault on her face and head. Bethany’s valiant effort to restrain the dog led to the ferocious animal turning its attention to her.

Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull

A Mother’s Heroic Act

Facing the horrifying scene, Bethany wrestled the dog to the ground, applying all her force to restrain the animal. “First he got my brother, and then second he got me, and then third he got my mom,” Lainey narrated the horrifying episode. Bethany’s courage held for 15 agonizing minutes until another neighbor heard her screams and rushed to their aid.

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“I didn’t have a choice,” Bethany said. “If I had let go, he would have gotten me or them again.” This single quote encapsulates the desperate situation and the mother’s resolve to protect her children at all costs.

Recovering from the Trauma

After the incident, the family was rushed to the hospital. While Bethany and Wesley sustained minor injuries, Lainey was seriously injured, necessitating multiple surgeries and a lengthy hospital stay. The family has since been traumatized, and understandably reluctant to step outdoors.

Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull

Despite the horrifying ordeal, the family is resilient. They have established a GoFundMe account to cover the medical expenses and future surgeries for Lainey. Bethany was compelled to take leave from her job due to the incident, emphasizing the far-reaching implications of this tragic event on the family’s life.

Bethany hopes their experience will serve as a cautionary tale to all dog owners, emphasizing the need for responsible pet ownership, especially for animals with aggressive tendencies. She said, “After that, you realize just how vulnerable you are to everything.”

Mother and Children Viciously Attacked by Pit Bull

Moving Forward

For the Hastings family, recovery is a long journey. Their physical wounds might heal, but the psychological scars will take a long time to fade. Lainey’s future surgeries will not only restore her facial features but also enhance her quality of life. The family hopes that sharing their story will help gather support and funds for Lainey’s treatment.

To lend your support to the Hastings family, you can contribute to their GoFundMe campaign. Sharing their story far and wide will not only raise money to help Lainey but also serve as a crucial reminder about responsible pet ownership.

This article is based on the original report by TapHaps. For more details, you can read the full article here.

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