Rosie, Norwich’s ‘Ancient Feline,’ Marks 32nd Birthday as Oldest Cat

Rosie Norwich's Ancient Feline Marks 32nd Birthday as Oldest Cat

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Rosie, Norwich’s ‘Ancient Feline,’ Marks 32nd Birthday as She Awaits Confirmation as UK’s Oldest Cat


Tortoiseshell Feline Celebrates Birthday with a Salmon Cake as She Vies for Oldest Cat Record

Breaking through age barriers and still purring strong is Rosie, a tortoiseshell cat from Norwich, who has just turned 32 – or 140 in human years. Her owner, Lila Brissett, is eagerly waiting to find out if Rosie is now the oldest cat in the UK.

Rosie’s Extraordinary Journey

Lila has cared for Rosie since she was a kitten, sharing her home since June 1, 1991. In her remarkable lifespan, this delightful “fluffball” has only visited the vet twice. Now, the pair is eagerly awaiting validation from Guinness World Records2, to officially recognize Rosie’s exceptional longevity.

A Simple, Happy Life

Rosie’s favorite pastimes, according to Mrs. Brissett, include the joys of sleeping and eating. On her 32nd birthday, Rosie savored a special miniature cake, made from her favorite treat Рred salmon.

Rosie Norwich's Ancient Feline Marks 32nd Birthday as Oldest Cat

The Power of Love and Care

Lila, who recently lost her husband Desmond, expressed how much Rosie means to her, stating, “She is lovely.” A seasoned pet owner, Lila mentioned that all her pets have lived to a “ripe old age,” but Rosie has outlived them all.

The Record to Beat

The current UK record for the oldest cat is held by Flossie from Orpington, London, who lived until the age of 27. Globally, the oldest cat recorded was Creme Puff from Austin, Texas, USA, who lived from 1967 to 2005.

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The incredible tale of Rosie, the 32-year-old feline from Norwich, shows how pets can thrive with love and care. If you’d like to learn more about Rosie’s journey, tune into a full interview with her owner, Lila Brissett, on BBC Sounds.



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