Unbelievable Size: St. Bernard Puppy Leaves Internet in Awe

St. Bernard Puppy Leaves Internet in Awe

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Unbelievable Size: St. Bernard Puppy Leaves Internet in Awe


internet is buzzing with amazement after a TikTok video showcased the staggering size of a 3-month-old St. Bernard puppy. In a jaw-dropping clip posted last Sunday, TikTok user @magmatthews_ left viewers astounded as she proudly displayed her adorable yet colossal canine companion. This fluffy pup, barely out of infancy, tips the scales at an astonishing 50 pounds, rivaling the weight of a typical teenager.

Big Paws, Big Joy

In the viral video, @magmatthews_ struggles playfully to lift her oversized furball, emphasizing the sheer magnitude of the St. Bernard puppy’s size. Remarkably, at just 3 months old, this pup already surpasses the usual weight range for female St. Bernards of its age, typically falling between 37 and 48 pounds. The video captures the pure joy on the pup’s face, blissfully unaware of its extraordinary size.

Growing Pains

It’s not only the internet users who find it hard to believe; the owner herself expresses disbelief at the rapid growth of her St. Bernard. These dogs don’t reach full maturity until around 2 years old, suggesting that this owner is in for quite an adventure as her colossal companion continues to grow.

Social Media Frenzy

The TikTok clip has become a social media sensation, accumulating over 613,300 views, 134,400 likes, and 649 comments within days. Viewers expressed their astonishment, with one commenting, “Omg when my saint was 12 weeks she was only about 25 pounds!” Others focused on the positive, saying, “Fifty pounds of pure love.”


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Owner’s Response

Responding to the overwhelming reactions, @magmatthews_ shared that she already has experience with hefty canines, mentioning her 3-year-old male dog, who tips the scales at a whopping 185 pounds. The comments section was filled with predictions about the puppy’s future size, with one viewer estimating, “With the size of her head and them paws, you’re looking at 135lbs at least. She’s beautiful.”

Giant Fluff in a Compact Space

Despite their colossal size, St. Bernards are known for being less active than other large breeds, making them surprisingly suitable for apartment living. While they may not need vast spaces to roam, owners should still be prepared for their sizable presence, as St. Bernards can weigh anywhere between 120 and 200 pounds. Males typically tip the scales higher, ranging from 140 pounds and up, while females weigh between 120 and 140 pounds.

In awe of this adorable giant, social media users are left eagerly anticipating the continued growth and antics of this not-so-typical St. Bernard puppy. For more delightful updates on this extraordinary canine, stay tuned to @magmatthews_’s TikTok account

Source: Newsweek

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