Heartbreak and Hope: The Story of Zelda and Her Puppies

The Story of Zelda and Her Puppies

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Heartbreak and Hope: The Story of Zelda and Her Puppies


In a heartbreaking incident, a mother dog and her seven newborn puppies were cruelly abandoned in the rain, sparking outrage and sadness among animal lovers worldwide. The West Cork Animal Welfare Group (WCAWG) in Ireland came to their rescue, providing them with the care and compassion they desperately needed.

The Abandonment and Rescue

The mother dog, now named Zelda, was found tied to a gate with her puppies beside her, without shelter or food. She had become tangled in the gate while trying to reach her puppies, leaving them exposed to the elements. A passerby discovered them and contacted the WCAWG, who immediately took them in.

The Aftermath

Zelda was severely malnourished and had mange, indicating long-term neglect. Her puppies were cold and hungry, requiring round-the-clock care and feeding. Despite her hardships, Zelda remains sweet and gentle, showing resilience in the face of adversity.

The Story of Zelda and Her Puppies

Recovery and Future

Thanks to the dedication of volunteers and donations from around the world, Zelda and her puppies are receiving the best care possible. Once fully rehabilitated, Zelda and her puppies will be put up for adoption, ensuring they find loving forever homes.


Zelda’s story serves as a reminder of the cruelty that animals can face but also highlights the compassion and generosity of people who come together to help those in need. Zelda and her puppies now have a chance at a happy and fulfilling life, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

How old are Zelda’s puppies?

Zelda’s puppies are three weeks old at the time of rescue.

Will Zelda and her puppies be adopted together?

Zelda and her puppies will be put up for adoption, but it’s not guaranteed they will be adopted together.

How can I donate to help Zelda and her puppies?

Donations can be made directly to the West Cork Animal Welfare Group through their website or social media channels.

What is the procedure for adopting Zelda or one of her puppies?

Adoption procedures vary but typically involve an application process, home visit, and adoption fee.

Are there any updates on Zelda and her puppies’ health and well-being?

Updates on Zelda and her puppies can be found on the West Cork Animal Welfare Group’s social media pages.

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Note: Zelda’s story highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for stricter laws to protect animals from cruelty. Let us all strive to create a world where animals are treated with the love and respect they deserve.



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