Pioneering Canine Cancer Surgery: Anand Veterinary Doctors Make a Breakthrough

Anand Veterinary Doctors Make a Breakthrough

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Pioneering Canine Cancer Surgery: Anand Veterinary Doctors Make a Breakthrough


A Glimpse into the Successful Operation of a Dog Battling Cancer

In the field of veterinary medicine, Anandani Veterinary College in Anand, Gujarat, has made a remarkable breakthrough. Their veterinary surgeons have performed a successful operation on a pet dog suffering from a dangerous cancerous tumor. This feature takes a close look at the operation process and provides an overview of the emerging concerns of cancer in domestic animals.

Revolutionizing Veterinary Cancer Treatment 

A New Lease on Life for a Beloved Pet 

Veterinarians from Anandani Veterinary College were able to remove cancerous tumors from the lymph nodes of a dog, granting a fresh lease on life to the afflicted pet. However, this operation signals a rising concern – the alarming increase in cancer cases among domestic animals. Notably, instances of breast cancer in female dogs are soaring, paralleling the trend observed in human women.

Anand Veterinary Doctors Make a Breakthrough

Successful Operation of a Lympho Cancer Patient 

A Beagle dog diagnosed with lympho cancer was treated successfully at the Veterinary College. Following the operation, chemotherapy is scheduled to commence after 21 days. The tumor was identified a month ago by PV Parikh, head of the Veterinary Surgery Clinic at Anand’s Veterinary College. Recognizing the danger to the dog’s life, the growing tumor was promptly removed.

A Life-Saving Leg Operation 

Another significant operation was performed on a 13-year-old male dog. The pet was afflicted with a cancerous tumor on its hind leg that had been steadily growing over a month. Brought to the attention of Dr. PV Parikh by the concerned owner, an immediate operation was advised and executed successfully, preventing the potential spread of cancer from the leg to other body parts.

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Anand Veterinary Doctors Make a Breakthrough

Alarming Rates of Cancer in Animals 

According to Dr. PV Parikh, the head of the Surgery Department of Veterinary College, the rate of cancer in animals is rising at a disconcerting rate. Over the past year, around 100 animals from various states including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh underwent cancer surgeries. The highest number of cases involved breast cancer in female dogs, mirroring the same concerns observed in human health scenarios.

Ongoing Research on Animal Cancer Causes 

Investigations are underway to understand the escalating incidence of cancer in pets, including dogs and cats. One such research is exploring if any chemical present in commercial pet food could potentially trigger cancer. The findings of this research are expected to provide critical insights into the root cause of cancer in pets.

For a visual representation of the operation process, you can visit the original article here.

Original News Source: Zee News


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