Adorable Antics: Angel the Pup Takes the Crown as Newsweek’s Pet of The Week

Angel the Pup Takes the Crown

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Adorable Antics: Angel the Pup Takes the Crown as Newsweek’s Pet of The Week


Puppy Paw-some: Angel’s Hilarious Mirror Confusion

In the enchanting world of pets, where every moment is a potential viral sensation, Angel, a 14-month-old rescue from Laredo, Texas, steals the spotlight as this week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week.

Teresa McCarthy, Angel’s proud owner, revealed, “She is so funny and friendly.” In a video capturing the heartwarming moment, Angel expresses sheer bewilderment at her own reflection in the bedroom mirror.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Angel’s Amusing Tale

She can’t get the fact that that’s her in the mirror,” McCarthy chuckles. “She thinks it’s another dog.” This delightful confusion, common in puppies, showcases Angel’s innocent charm.

Dogs, often perplexed by their own reflection, react as if encountering another dog due to their inability to recognize themselves. Angel’s adorable antics perfectly capture the universal humor in this canine quirk.

Meet the Other Paw-some Finalists

While Angel steals the limelight, our finalists for Newsweek’s Pet of the Week are equally charming.

1. Jaxx: The Rockstar Poodle

Jaxx, a standard poodle residing in Los Angeles, California, rocked a legendary Halloween costume. Owned by Briana London, Jaxx, at the age of ten, showcased his rock’n’roll flair, embodying a loyal and intelligent companion.

2. Jade: The Dynamic Duo Enthusiast

Jade, an eight-year-old border collie and Labrador mix from Texas, shares an incredible bond with owner Michelle Hendricks. Their reunion, after a year and a half apart, is a heartwarming tale of love, companionship, and the joy of chasing balls.

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3. Bubba: The Mischievous Food Lover

Rescued from a shelter in New York State, Bubba the ginger-and-white cat, owned by Claire Vandenberg, adds a touch of mischief to the finalists. Known for his criminal exploits of opening drawers and demanding early morning feasts, Bubba’s antics keep his humans on their toes.

Furry Tales and Happy Endings

As we celebrate the delightful Angel and our charming finalists, these heartwarming stories remind us of the joy and companionship our pets bring into our lives. Stay tuned for more tales from the enchanting world of pets, and remember, your furry friend could be the next star in Newsweek’s Pet of the Week!

Source: For the full details and videos, visit Newsweek.



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