Tiny Dachshund’s Snowy Adventure: A Potty Training Tale with a Chilly Twist

Tiny Dachshund's Snowy Adventure

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Tiny Dachshund’s Snowy Adventure: A Potty Training Tale with a Chilly Twist


A Hilarious Snowy Mishap During Potty Training

A delightful and humorous incident involving a dapple-shaded miniature dachshund has taken the internet by storm. Captured in a viral TikTok video, this little pup’s potty training journey turned into a snowy escapade, amassing over 2.4 million views. The video, shared by @andreal.corbin on December 19, shows the tiny dachshund, a pro at potty training, hilariously getting lost in a deep pile of snow.

The Challenge of Training in Winter Wonderland

Recorded at 10:26 p.m., the video reveals the dachshund’s predicament. Desperate to go outside for a potty break, the little dog finds himself knee-deep in fresh snow, leading to an adorable panic. This humorous yet relatable scenario has resonated with pet owners worldwide, as they chuckle at the dog’s earnest but snowy struggle.

Potty Training Tips for Your Furry Friends

Training a stubborn breed like a dachshund can be a daunting task. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) advises that dog training should be reward-based. Treats, toys, or praise can effectively reinforce good behavior. The RSPCA emphasizes the importance of patience, minimal distractions, and consistent, short training sessions for effective learning. Understanding what motivates your dog is key to successful training.

Engaging Community Response on Social Media

Since its debut on TikTok, the video has not only garnered massive views but also sparked a lively discussion. With over 226,000 likes and 400 comments, the video has become a platform for sharing experiences and tips on dog training. Viewers have expressed their own challenges and successes in training their pets, highlighting the universal nature of the task.


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This charming story of a tiny dachshund battling the snow for a bathroom break showcases the unpredictable and often humorous nature of pet ownership. It’s a reminder of the joys and challenges of training our four-legged friends, especially in the whimsical conditions of winter.

Watch the full video and join the conversation on TikTok @andreal.corbin.

Original News Source: Newsweek Article

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