Decoding Doodle Dog Training – Are They Easy to Train?

Are Doodle Dogs Easy to Train?

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Are Doodle Dogs Easy to Train?


Doodle dogs, known for their charming personalities and adorable appearances, have become increasingly popular among dog enthusiasts. Whether it’s a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, or any other Doodle breed, many prospective pet parents wonder about their trainability.

In this exploration, we unravel the training dynamics of Doodle dogs, aiming to provide insights into whether these lovable hybrids are easy to train or present unique challenges for dog owners.

Doodle Dog Training

Dogs are known companions from any set-up, regardless of whether you live in solitude or belong to a big family. With human’s great love for dogs, innovations in breeding have arisen, giving way to new breeds such as doodle dogs.

Different aspects go into dog care, but if there’s one that we really prioritize, that would be proper training. Training from a young age will yield great benefits for the dog and the owner, for the dogs will be able to do so many things. Your furry friend can serve as a companion, a therapy dog, or even a running buddy!

A good understanding of canine learning theory helps, too, especially since dogs make sense of the world differently. Guiding the dogs to learn certain behaviors and acquire specific characteristics might be a bit tricky, then. To know more, one can visit Doodle Furbabies for more information.

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What Are Doodle Dogs?

Doodle dogs are designer crossbreeds between a poodle and another breed, the first being the labradoodle, bred in the early 1980s. These designer breeds usually stem from various motivations, and the first doodle was designed to be an allergy-free guide dog for a woman who struggled with her eyesight.

Her spouse was also allergic to dog hair. Another type of doodle dog includes the goldendoodle, a poodle mixed with the golden retriever.

Doodle dogs have become a popular breed over time, though this also has disadvantages. Since most breeds were advertised as hypoallergenic, the demand has inevitably soared and just paved the way to more and more puppy mills and issues like unethical breeding.

Doodle dogs are also predisposed to diseases, such as Addison’s disease, PRA, and hip dysplasia. Still, dog lovers are more than happy to welcome doodle dogs, for they are known to be family-oriented, good-natured, low-shedding, and laid-back.

However, genetics pose a problem in that good genes are not always guaranteed. That is where training enters the picture.

So, Are Doodle Dogs Easy to Train?

Yes and no. Since doodle dogs are not aggressive by nature, they can be quite easier to train. However, they will need a lot of help, especially in making them more sociable with other humans and dogs.

That’s why getting the right trainer is crucial to ensure positive results.

What Are Ways to Train Doodle Dogs?

Aside from the trainer’s experience, another factor to consider is the type of training you’ll sign up your canine friend to. Here are the different ways to train a doodle dog. We have also included techniques that you can try at home.

1. Crate Training

Crate training is all about teaching a dog to get into a routine. For example, it’s about instructing them not to go to the bathroom near your bedroom or soil their beds. Other basic commands include snuggling, walking, and teaching them how to dance.

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2. Praise Rewards

Like human beings, dogs also quite like praise. They enjoy this approach, especially since this breed is also people-oriented.

It is best to train doodle dogs with rewards, especially for exhibiting good behavior. Being able to do impressive feats such as obeying a string of commands merits praise for your dogs.

3. Clicker Training

Dog training experts, including pro pet owners, swear by clicker training. This method needs the use of a hand-held device that creates clicking sounds, given with each command such as “stay”, “fetch” or “sit”.

Each successful response gets rewarded, and the clicking sound is used upon serving. Known to create positive reinforcement, it is expected that this method helps the doodle dog associate the reward with the clicking sound. Hearing the sounds will help the doodle dog deduce that a reward is waiting.

4. Food Rewards

Lastly, it is essential to train your doodle dog with occasional food rewards. The smell or sound of food is a great motivator for almost any dog, even for regular poodles.

Just make sure that you have a variety of high-value food such as baby carrots and cheese. You can also consider giving your doodle dogs some hot dog bits, cold cuts, and veggies.

Additional Training Tip: Dealing With Kids

For those raising doodle dogs within a family, it is crucial to train them how to deal with small children and to have the right temperament. There are several ways to do this and to establish the necessary boundaries.

One way is to provide an off-limits place for the dog. Children should also learn to speak more quietly when near their furry friends. Other behavioral tricks, such as ignoring the doodle dogs for a while so that the dogs would be the first to approach them, also help.

You should also ask the kids to sit when playing with doodle dogs so that the dogs will not be overexcited. Establishing kindness and mutual trust is definitely key in ensuring proper training around children.

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The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there are many ways to approach training doodle dogs. As with all training, other things should be thrown into the mix, such as preparation, research, rapport, and, more importantly, patience. There are also essential products that might come in handy for doodle training, such as various bowls, crates, leads, toys, and bags.

Overall, the best approach or a mix of methods will depend on you, your relationship with your dog, and the outcomes you wish to achieve. It is also great that doodle dogs are easy to train.

Questions & Answers on Training Doodle Dogs:


Are Doodle Dogs Generally Easy to Train?

Doodle dogs are often considered highly trainable due to their intelligence and eagerness to please. Their Poodle lineage contributes to their cleverness, making them quick learners in various training scenarios.


What Factors Influence Doodle Dog Trainability?

While Doodle dogs possess innate trainability, individual factors such as genetics, early socialization, and the consistency of training efforts can impact their overall ease of training. Positive reinforcement techniques tend to work exceptionally well with Doodle breeds.


Do Doodle Dogs Require Specialized Training Approaches?

Doodle dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience in training. While not requiring specialized techniques, tailoring your approach to their specific needs and energy levels can enhance the training experience.


Can Doodle Dogs Exhibit Stubborn Behavior?

Like any breed, Doodle dogs may display stubborn tendencies, particularly if training lacks consistency or fails to engage their intellect. Positive reinforcement and incorporating enjoyable activities into training sessions can mitigate any potential stubbornness.


What Training Challenges Might Arise with Doodle Dogs?

Doodle dogs, while generally trainable, may face challenges such as distraction due to their playful nature. Additionally, some individuals may exhibit heightened sensitivity, necessitating gentle and positive training methods to build trust and cooperation.



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