Facts and Everything you need to know about Baby Chihuahuas – Fumi Pets

Facts and Everything you need to know about Baby Chihuahuas - Fumi Pets

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Chihuahuas are Mexican dogs named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The arrival of chihuahua pups may be joyful for everyone in the family, but there are a few things you should know to ensure those puppies grow well and robust.

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Because chihuahua puppies are tiny, they will not grow to be big dogs. Chihuahua pups come in a range of hues and have short or long hair. Because of their large heads, many chihuahuas are delivered by caesarean section.

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Chihuahua puppies should be housed in a box or cage in a calm and warm area during their first weeks since they will feed and sleep often. The mother dog should be able to go into the area without being bothered by family members or other pets.


Chihuahua puppies will breastfeed often while they are young. If the mother is unable to milk the pups or pushes them away, they must be given puppy formula by hand. To do so, fill a tiny bottle with puppy formula and a little rubber nipple, then place it in the puppy’s mouth.

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Chihuahua pups are susceptible to a variety of congenital illnesses as well as other health problems like glaucoma and hypoglycemia. When they’re pups, they’re also prone to fractures and other mishaps. A veterinarian should be contacted soon after the baby is born.

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Young chihuahuas should not be left outdoors alone due to their tiny size, since hawks, coyotes, and other predators may mistake them for prey. To prevent unintentional harm to the pups, children should be kept away from chihuahua puppies.

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