Meet Chewy: The ‘Balloon Maestro’ Who Stole Our Hearts

The 'Balloon Maestro' Who Stole Our Hearts

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Meet Chewy: The ‘Balloon Maestro’ Who Stole Our Hearts


In a world filled with stories of human achievements, there’s something undeniably heartwarming about a four-legged friend who can captivate our attention and make us smile. Meet Chewy, the Newfoundland dog who has taken social media by storm with his extraordinary ball skills.

Chewy’s Journey: From Puppy to Maestro

Chewy became a beloved member of the Savino family just over a year ago when he was brought home as a fluffy puppy. Since then, he has charmed everyone with his playful nature, gentle demeanor, and love for children. According to Amy Savino, Chewy’s owner, he’s a true “gentle giant” who adores kids and enjoys every moment of play.

One day, while the children were playing a game of “keepie uppie” with a balloon, something incredible happened. Chewy decided to join the game, and the magic began. “All the children started laughing, and that’s when we found out he had a skill!” Savino recalls. Chewy not only loves having the balloon thrown to him but also understands the concept of keeping it from touching the ground.

The Science Behind the Playfulness

Chewy’s enthusiasm for games might be more than just energy; it could also be a sign of intelligence. A 2022 study published in Animal Cognition revealed a connection between high playfulness and cognitive excellence in dogs. Chewy certainly embodies this connection, demonstrating both physical prowess and mental acuity in his favorite game.

Unbreakable Bonds

Chewy’s passion for the balloon game extends to his family members, especially to Hannah, Savino’s 8-year-old daughter. Their connection is undeniable, and they share moments of laughter and fun. “They are very close and act like siblings,” Savino says. Chewy even accompanies the children to the bus stop every morning, patiently waiting until they’re safely on their way.

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Life Beyond Balloons

While Chewy’s balloon skills steal the show, his outdoor adventures are equally exciting. He’s an avid swimmer, a fan of hiking, and even enjoys boat rides. For the Savino family, Chewy is more than just a balloon virtuoso; he’s a beloved companion who brings joy to every facet of their lives.

Why Chewy Does It

Savino has her own theory about why Chewy adores keeping the balloon afloat. “I think he enjoys it just because he can join in the fun and gets such a positive reaction,” she explains. “Everyone cheers for him, and it’s almost like you can see him smiling.”

Chewy’s Record: 15 and Counting

Chewy’s current record for keeping the balloon in the air stands at an impressive 15 hits. However, for the Savino family, it’s not about keeping score. It’s about sharing moments of delight and bonding with their exceptional pet. Chewy’s talent has become an integral part of their lives.

The Ultimate Reward: Companionship

Amy Savino sums up the essence of having Chewy as a part of their family. “The best thing about having a Newfoundland or any dog is their companionship,” she says. “He truly is part of the family.”

Chewy’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the joy and connection our furry friends can bring into our lives. In a world filled with the extraordinary, Chewy’s playful spirit and exceptional balloon skills have made him an internet sensation. He’s the ‘Balloon Maestro’ who’s warmed our hearts and brightened our days.




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