10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders of 2023

Bearded Dragon Breeders

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10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders of 2023


Finding a reputable bearded dragon breeder is crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of these popular reptilian pets. The best bearded dragon breeders prioritize ethical practices, proper care, and the overall welfare of the animals. Discerning enthusiasts often seek out breeders known for their commitment to producing healthy and genetically diverse bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragon Breeders

In the reptile world, bearded dragons have become some of the most well-liked pets. These big lizards may make good long-term pets since they have fascinating personalities and live a long time.

You may try visiting a pet shop if you are determined to locate a bearded dragon to adopt. However, you won’t be aware of their age, family background, or previous health problems.

When looking to acquire a pet like a bearded dragon, many individuals chose to do so from a breeder. It has a lot of advantages.

In this post, we discuss the benefits of choosing a bearded dragon that was grown in captivity as well as the qualities of a top-notch bearded dragon breeder. We also examine each of the top 10 American bearded dragon breeders. By doing this, you can decide intelligently which breeder to choose before getting your new pet.

Why Adopt Captive-Bred Bearded Dragons

Choosing a captive-bred bearded dragon from a reputable breeder makes sense for a variety of reasons. If you purchase them from a pet shop, you run the danger of not knowing how they were either bred or caught.

Many pet shops lack a solid understanding of the origins of the bearded dragons they sell. This implies that providers may illegally collect and import them, or they may ship them aged or poorly handled lizards.

Due to poor care or age, bearded lizards purchased from stores are far more prone to have health problems. It is preferable to help those who care for their lizards than to invest money in a system you are unfamiliar with.

This approach sometimes encourages animal maltreatment and unlawful capture. Although it may not seem like it, it is your duty as an adopter to only adopt from reputable breeders that produce healthy lizards.

Adopting from a licensed breeder not only demonstrates your support for the humane care of the animals, but it also opens up additional options for you. Due to careful breeding, you may obtain lovely variants or a wide range of color patterns. Your lizard will not only be distinctive but also healthy!

What Makes a Good Bearded Dragon Breeder

We’ve already demonstrated the benefits of adopting from a legitimate breeder. But what qualities distinguish a high-quality breeder, and what should you look out for?

The business of raising bearded dragons is fascinating. Many breeders start out as amateurs who gradually expand their operations. Since few survive for very long, it’s critical to keep up with the breeders who continue to register each year.

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The breeder will have more experience the longer they have been registered and operating as a bearded lizard breeding enterprise. Additionally, they will have gathered more client testimonials. The best way to determine if a breeder meets and exceeds the standards for excellence is to ask other enthusiasts.

You should also look at a breeder’s credentials and achievements in addition to how long they have been in business. The more dedicated they are too strong breed lines and flourishing individual lizards, the more organizations like Morph Market will acknowledge them for their superior service, customer support, or the pedigree of their lizards.

It’s possible that lesser-known bearded dragon breeders haven’t been around as long. A breeder’s experience is not the sole factor that determines suitability. However, if you choose a “younger” breeding company, be sure they are well-versed in bearded dragons.

You should ask them questions concerning:

What kind of morphs they have

Whether they have a “live arrival” guarantee

Whether you can see and verify the health of the parents

The diet they feed them

The setup they use

Whether you can contact them after buying

Whether you can get in touch with them after purchasing They need to feel at ease addressing all of these inquiries and allowing you to get in touch with them afterwards. If they aren’t, it would be wise to find someone who is or who has greater faith in their stock.

After you adopt one of their bearded dragons, research their customer service and protection. Do they provide warranties or protection plans? Do they offer forums where you can ask questions and join groups to gain guidance, especially for new owners?

Breeders on our list meet these requirements and were not determined to have employed unethical breeding or rearing practices. These 10 have a long history in the industry and are renowned for producing excellent work.

The 10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders in 2023

The top 10 bearded dragon breeders in 2023 have been chosen by our team. Each of their company names is accompanied with a description of how they operate and a list of the particular advantages that make them the finest.

Since this list only includes the top 10, please take note that they are listed alphabetically rather than in order of best to worst.

1. Atomic Lizard Ranch

Based in Bisbee, Arizona, is Atomic Lizards Ranch. It is now one of the oldest bearded dragon breeders in the country. Atomic Lizard Ranch won’t let down those of you seeking intriguing bearded dragon mutations. It features bearded dragons in the hues of Gala Red, Citrus Yellow, and Bright Orange.

This company is owned by Paul and Collette, a husband and wife team. Ever since they acquired their first one in 1991, they have cherished bearded dragons. After that, they began breeding them, producing beautiful morphs and strong dragons.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Raised bearded dragons since 1991

The originator of the Red Gala Phase morph and the Citrus phase morph

Only sells healthy bearded dragons

Also runs an adoption and rescue shelter for bearded dragons

Sells live food

Online shipping available

Runs a bearded dragon blog for new owners

2. Carolina Classic Dragons

The Raleigh, California headquarters of the Carolina Classic Dragons. This business is owned and run by David Freeman. David has a B.S. in biological sciences and 25 years of expertise in herpetology, so he is well-versed in bearded dragon maintenance.

Beginning with a brand-new breeding facility, David has been raising bearded dragons for many years. Despite being a company, it is also his passion, thus there may be a delay in responses. David offers significant distinctive variants and was named Breeder of the Year by the Reptile Report in 2004.

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What Makes This Breeder Great:

Excellent customer service

Affordable prices

Provides a comprehensive care sheet with adoption

Safe shipping

100& satisfaction guarantee

Receive multiple pictures of your bearded before purchasing

Offers a reptile boarding service at $10 per day

3. CB Reptile

All types of reptiles, not only bearded dragons, are bred by the family-run company CB Reptiles. In addition, snakes, geckos, chameleons, and turtles are sold there. It all comes down to giving potential owners the knowledge they need to properly care for each of these reptiles.

A wealth of knowledge may be found on CB Reptiles’ informative YouTube channel. In order to obtain detailed information on bearded dragons, you will need to check out the channel.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Variety of bearded dragons and other reptiles available

Variety of methods of contact

Full 7-day health guarantee for any animal bought

A reputable team of reptile breeders

Onsite biologist

All reptiles sold are captive-bred

Also sells supplies and sends care sheets on your adopted pet

4. Dachiu Bearded Dragons

Breeding just bearded dragons is what Dachiu Bearded Dragons does. A married couple created this business. Dachiu was established in 1996, thus it has been around for a while.

Only baby bearded dragons are sold by Dachiu Bearded Dragons. Additionally to pet stores, it sells to the general public. If you desire, it will sexually assault the hatchlings. It also has a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service, believing that it owes it to all of its clients to respond to their inquiries.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Excellent customer support

Provides a care sheet

100% satisfaction guaranteed with a penalty of a return and refund

6-week health guarantee

Buy Pets Supplies on Amazon

A variety of bearded dragon morphs

Unique online content

Buy Pets Supplies on Amazon

5. Fairytale Dragons LLC

A family owns and operates Fairytale Dragons, a modest company. It has been raising bearded dragons for more than 15 years and is situated in Orlando, Florida. By providing outside areas where the dragons can go to enjoy the sunlight and clean air, it maintains its dragons healthy.

On its social media accounts, this company has a ton of wonderful testimonials. Additionally, it sells a variety of morphs. It will refresh the list of animals that are available for pickup throughout the winter if you reside in Florida.

This modest firm specializes in breeding Beardies, but it also has a few other unusual lizards under development, such blue-tongued skinks.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

15 years of experience

14-day guarantee for your pet’s health

Intentional shipping system

Plenty of online material for new owners

6. Fire and Ice Dragons

This business has 18 years of expertise breeding high color variants in addition to a catchy name. To ensure the continued health of your lizard, all morphs and mutations that develop healthily are sold.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Experienced breeder

First to breed 100% citrus bearded dragon

Massive variety of morphs in vibrant colors

Online shipping available

Accept pre-orders

Pictures of each dragon available

Health guarantee for 14 days after shipment

Great customer support

7. Here B Dragons

Here B Dragons has a memorable name to go along with a fantastic bearded dragon company. It is in the Connecticut town of Manchester. The company is operated by bearded dragon enthusiast Casey Fleming.

Casey is accessible and willing to assist with any inquiries from his clients. Less is known about his background in bearded dragon breeding and how long he has been a breeder. However, the company’s Facebook page has a lot of positive comments.

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What Makes This Breeder Great:

30-day money-back guarantee

A variety of morphs are available

Various contact methods for customer support

Pictures available for their beardies

Online shipping available

8. Kids and Dragons

The family-based business principles underpin this company’s name. It is headquartered not far from San Antonio, Texas. Although it produces quite a broad array of morphs and even leopard geckos, it excels in tiger morph beardies.

The excellent customer service offered by this company is one of its top features. They are delighted to assist you with any worries or queries from the first time you get in touch with the team until long after you have adopted.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Excellent customer service

Offer one 14-day health guarantee

Live-on-arrival guarantee

Description of lizard’s genetics, sex, personality, and flaws

Continuous contact throughout the entire process

9. LLL Reptiles

LLL Reptiles is a company that offers more than only bearded dragons. Reptiles including snakes and turtles are also sold there. The company is run by California-based Loren Leigh. For over 24 years, she has successfully raised reptiles, growing her company to include three locations in Escondido, San Diego, and Menifee.

A variety of reptiles are kept by Loren Leigh. She has a greater range of species, but fewer diversity of morphs, since she isn’t exclusively a bearded dragon breeder. The business offers a price guarantee, therefore we advise you to look for a commercial breeder online that charges less. They’ll surpass it by 5%.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Extensive range of species and small range of bearded dragon morphs

Contact within 24 hours of order to schedule shipping

3-day health guarantee

Sells a range of food, vitamins, and supplies for keeping a healthy pet

Price guarantee

10. Phantom Dragons

A breeder dedicated to bearded dragons is called Phantom Dragon. Located in California, it For more than 20 years, it has been in the bearded dragon breeding industry. With some species, such as crested geckos, it does work on a few side projects.

Phantom Dragons normally charges more than the majority of other breeders in the US, but it doesn’t charge extra for shipping. With an emphasis on the health and genetics of its lizards, it has firmly established itself as a trustworthy breeder.

What Makes This Breeder Great:

Years of experience

Reputable breeder

Online shipping and pictures are available

Convenient to contact

Variety of dragon morphs

Morph Market gives it a 10-star rating for more than a year

Provides genetic information and parentage details

Car sheets available

14-day health guarantee


For species like bearded dragons, there are many breeders. But it’s ideal to choose a company with a lot of experience till you get to know them and their procedures better. You want breeders who can respond to all of your inquiries. You also want them to provide continual attention to the well-being of their beardies.

Frequently Asked Questions



What Sets Apart the Best Bearded Dragon Breeders?

The best bearded dragon breeders distinguish themselves through ethical breeding practices, prioritizing the health and happiness of the reptiles. They adhere to high standards, including proper care, nutrition, and socialization.

How Can One Identify a Reputable Bearded Dragon Breeder?

A reputable bearded dragon breeder is often identified by positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. They maintain transparent communication, willingly provide information about their breeding practices, and may have affiliations with reptile associations.

Why is Genetic Diversity Important in Bearded Dragon Breeding?

Genetic diversity is crucial for maintaining the overall health and resilience of bearded dragon populations. The best breeders focus on preserving genetic diversity to minimize the risk of genetic disorders and enhance the longevity of the species.


What Are the Warning Signs of a Subpar Bearded Dragon Breeder?

Warning signs of subpar breeders include inadequate living conditions for the dragons, lack of transparency about their breeding practices, and a history of health issues in the dragons they sell. Responsible breeders prioritize the well-being of their animals.


Are There Any Associations or Certifications for Bearded Dragon Breeders?

While there may not be specific certifications for bearded dragon breeders, reputable breeders often participate in or adhere to the standards set by reputable reptile associations. In the United States, for example, the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV) can be a valuable resource.



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