How to Care for a Baby Chihuahua; Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

How to Care for a Baby Chihuahua; Everything You Need To Know - Fumi Pets

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Chihuahua pups are fragile tiny animals that need extra attention and care. Thankfully, Chihuahua mothers are usually attentive and intuitively know how to care for their puppies. They’ll keep their children clean, well-fed, and safe. You can help by giving the small family a secure and warm home. Make sure you have all of the essential things to create the ideal Chihuahua nursery before Mama Chi goes into labour to prevent rushing at the last minute.

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Step 1

Make a cosy home for your Chihuahua and her puppies. Place the towels in a box with low edges that are easy to traverse for the mother but too high for the pups to climb over.

Step 2

Your dog will get anxious and upset if there is a lot of foot traffic from the human family and the inquisitive animal family. If she believes her puppies are in danger, she may relocate them to a more secure place.

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Step 3 

Ensure that the pups are kept warm. Chihuahua pups have little control over their body temperature. Snuggling with one other and their mother will assist, but they may get chilly if the air in their chamber is frigid. Control the temperature in the nest using a whelping pad. It should be placed on one side of the box to enable the pups to crawl to a cooler area if they get overheated. The temperature in the nest should be kept at 85 degrees for the first week, 80 degrees for the second week, and 75 degrees for the third and fourth weeks after the puppies are born, according to “The Chihuahua Handbook.”

Step 4

The bedding in the nest should be changed on a regular basis. Place new towels in the box and wash the old ones in the rinse cycle, cleaning them with bleach.

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Step 5 

After an initial weight loss on the first day, they should gradually gain weight. Within a week to ten days, their weight should have doubled. If any of the puppies fail to gain weight or begin to lose weight, call the veterinarian right once.

Step 6 

Give your dog and her puppies as much rest as they need. It’s a good idea to gently hold the pups now and again to get them accustomed to being touched, but don’t go overboard. When they’re older, they’ll have lots of opportunities to play. Handle with caution since Chihuahua pups’ skulls are not fully formed when they are born.


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