10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best Automatic Fish Feeders

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10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders of 2023


Automatic fish feeders are ingenious devices designed to simplify the task of feeding aquarium fish. These devices dispense pre-measured amounts of fish food at specified intervals, ensuring your fish receive consistent and timely nourishment.

Below is a summary of key information about automatic fish feeders, along with five common questions and answers to help you understand their benefits and usage.

Automatic Fish Feeders: Key Information

  • Convenience: Automatic fish feeders are perfect for aquarium owners who may be away from home or have busy schedules, as they eliminate the need for manual feeding.
  • Customizable: Many feeders allow you to set the feeding schedule, portion size, and dispensing frequency, catering to the unique dietary needs of your fish.
  • Prevents Overfeeding: By delivering precise portions, these devices help prevent overfeeding, which can lead to water quality issues and health problems for fish.

Best Automatic Fish Feeders

When beginning your search for a fish feeder to buy, you probably had no idea how widespread they were around the globe. There are many various types of automated fish feeders available, and each one has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Each fish owner may benefit greatly from an automated fish feeder. It must be dependable, reasonably priced, and simple to set up. The best automated fish feeders for 2020 are reviewed in the following articles. Our study should make this shopping procedure a little bit simpler for you.

At a Quick Glance (updated in 2023)

BEST OVERALLWinner Eheim Eheim   Has secondary feeding if needed  Comes with mounting bracket  Holds 100ml of food Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Zoo Med BettaMatic Zoo Med BettaMatic   Feeds every 12 hours  Works on one AA battery  Great price Check Price
PREMIUM CHOICEThird place Current USA AquaChef Current USA AquaChef   Fits most aquariums  Can limit how much food is released  Accommodates all food types Check Price
  Fish Mate Fish Mate   Can feed 14 meals  Choose what times you want the food to be released Check Price
  Penn-Plax Daily Double Penn-Plax Daily Double   Can hold a large amount of food  Feeds twice per day if needed Check Price

The 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders

1. Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder – Best Overall

Eheim Everyday

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We are well aware of how easy it is to overlook feeding the fish sometimes when a home is hectic with other activities. That may sometimes seem like a trivial error, but it’s unfair to your fishy buddies. With the Eheim Everday Fish Feeder, you may eliminate at least one of your chores with a highly dependable, simple-to-use automated fish feeder.

You may set the Eheim to administer your fish food at certain times and in specific amounts. This is a little, portable device with splash-proof buttons, so even if they get a little wet, you won’t need to replace them. The digital display makes it easier to keep a closer check on everything including fish feeding.

The Eheim can hold 100ml of food in total. Should you need to leave your fish for a few days, this is more than enough food. In order to keep the fish food fresh, the storage chamber is also aerated. The Eheim is the best automated fish feeder if you’re looking for something affordable and simple to operate.


  • Very easy to program
  • Can program times and amount
  • Has secondary feeding if needed
  • Comes with mounting bracket
  • Holds 100ml of food
  • Keeps food fresh


  • Works best in tanks with many fish

2. Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Feeder – Best Value

Zoo Med BettaMatic

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The Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Feeder can be an excellent alternative if you loved the features of the Eheim but are seeking a more affordable option. The greatest automated fish feeder for the money is the Zoo Med BettaMatic Automatic Feeder. Even while you are not home, this device will keep your fish nourished.

This device will automatically feed every twelve hours; you won’t be able to configure it to operate anytime you desire. This interval between feedings is fantastic and is perfect for betta fish. The Zoo Med will install straight to a square tank if you have one. You may utilize the supplied rail kit to make your round tank functional if you have one.

One double-A battery is required for each Zoo Med device, and the battery lasts for a reasonable amount of time. Overall, you get a lot of value for your money here.


  • Feeds every 12 hours
  • Works on one AA battery
  • Easily attaches to the tank
  • Comes with mounting bracket for round tank
  • Great price


  • Can’t program times or amounts

3. Current USA AquaChef Aquarium Fish Feeder – Premium Choice

Current USA

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The Current USA Aqua Chef Aquarium Fish Feeder is a terrific choice to think about if price is not a factor for you. This is a high-end model, and the only thing keeping it from our top rank is its price. With this feeder, you can set a schedule to feed your fish up to four times each day.

The moisture-resistant hopper will keep the food fresh. To feed your fish, you may use crumbles, pellets, or flakes. The ability to change the quantity of food supplied is perhaps what we like most about this concept. This is a crucial feature for those with less fish, such as one or two tiny fish.


  • Fits most aquariums
  • Can be programmed
  • Can limit how much food is released
  • Accommodates all food types


  • Expensive

4. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

Fish Mate F14

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The Fish Mat F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder is simple to use if you’ve ever used a timer to switch on your holiday lights. You may set up the automated fish feeder to distribute meals one to four times each day, and you can store up to 14 meals. The necessary brackets are included with your purchase, and you may put the fish companion feeder on your tank’s hood or glass portion.

If you can’t be there to feed your fish at every meal, the F14 Aquarium is a convenient and dependable option. To assist keep the food a little bit fresher, an airplane may be fastened to the F14 feeder. You may need to buy several of these feeders if you have a lot of fish or if your fish are enormous.


  • Easy to program
  • Can feed 14 meals
  • Choose what times you want the food to be released
  • Priced fairly


  • For small and medium tanks only
  • Flakes can get stuck together inside the feeder

5. Penn-Plax Daily Double II Automatic Fish Feeder


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A big drum feeder, the Penn-Plax Daily Double II Automatic Fish Feeder can feed your fish for up to four weeks. This simple device, which feeds your fish twice daily, connects right to the tank side of your aquarium.

While this type is not very programmable, it nevertheless permits two feedings each day. Using the Penn-Plax, you may feed it either flake or pellet food. The necessary clamp to secure the Penn-Plax to the tank is included, and it operates on batteries.

The tank size of the Penn-Plax is one of our favorite features. Although it is not a good idea to leave your fish alone for four weeks, it is convenient to not have to worry about remembering to feed them every day. The only significant issue we encountered was that after a week or two, the flake food tends to clump together. You may wish to consider a different model or convert to pellet food if you plan to travel for a long period of time.


  • Can hold a large amount of food
  • Battery operated and easy to clamp on
  • Feeds twice per day if needed


  • Flake food gets clumped up
  • Not great for just one fish — dispenses too much food

6. Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder


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Hydor Automatic Fish Feeder is the item after that on our list. Since that Hydor is recognized for producing very high-quality goods, it is only logical that this feeder is more expensive than some of the other alternatives we have researched. This option will feed your fish one to three times each day and is extremely simple to setup. This feeder’s drawback is that it will not let you choose the times; it will do that for you.

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The Hydor includes a mechanism that helps vibrate and circulate the food so it doesn’t clump, and it can be used with flake, pellet, and tablet food. If you desire, you may additionally attach the aerator to this model. The Hydor’s second drawback is that it makes a lot of noise while dispensing food to the fish.


  • Will feed anywhere from one to three times a day
  • Easy to program
  • Quality design


  • Can’t choose times your fish eat
  • Very loud when fish are being fed

7. boxtech Fish Dispenser


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None of our earlier reviews have had a special feature like the boxtech Fish Dispenser does. You may hand feed your fish anytime you wish or have the boxtech automatically feed it once or twice a day. You have the option to switch between automated and manual at any time using a switch.

The majority of fish meals, including flakes, pellets, powders, and strips, are compatible with the boxtech fish feeder. This feeder is simple to set up, and it performs a wonderful job of keeping the food dry and fresh. The quality of the boxtech feeder is the only serious drawback we can think of. The apparatus seems to be short-lived and has been seen to disperse food in erratic quantities. That is OK if you are home every day and able to monitor what is happening with your feeder, but it is not a model we would trust if you were on an extended trip.


  • Easy to program
  • Nice manual option to feed
  • Keeps food dry


  • Not high-quality product
  • Distributes inconsistent amounts of food
  • Can’t be relied on long term

 8. API Automatic Fish Feeder

API Automatic

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It’s a little bit of a different kind of answer with the API Automatic Fish Feeder. This resembles a bag of fish food that is dropped straight into the aquarium and will slowly disintegrate over a certain period of days. Your fish eat it as it breaks apart. Whether you are going away for a weekend, a week, or even two weeks, you can acquire the API in a variety of various sizes.

This is an easy fix that contains all-natural elements that will satisfy the dietary needs of aquarium fish. The issue we have with this choice is that it differs from your fish’s typical diet. Never use one of these without first seeing how your fish react to it before removing it from the tank. You must also take special care to monitor the amount of fish in your tank and the addition of API Automatic Fish Feeders.


  • Comes in several sizes
  • Straightforward solution if you are going out of town


  • Is not part of your fish’s regular diet
  • Requires monitoring before leaving fish unattended
  • Not a good solution for everyday feeding

9. Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder


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You may choose the timings for up to four feedings each day with the Petacc Automatic Fish Feeder, a highly programmable feeder. The feeder may be programmed to start anytime you choose. The Petacc Fish Feeder makes it simple to add food and performs an excellent job of keeping the food dry.

By tilting the feeder upward and letting less fall into the tank, you may reduce the portion sizes you are providing your fish. If you have a smaller tank, we’ll warn you that even the little quantity of food on this gadget is a significant lot. This model was created with considerably bigger tanks and plenty more fish in mind. The food storage container’s 200ml volume is the highest of any feeder we’ve tested.

With the supplied clamp or the connected sticker, you may mount this feeder to the tank. Either approach is suitable and manageably simple. Overall, this feeder is not bad, but we wouldn’t trust it unless you have a huge fish tank. You don’t want to get home after a day at work to discover that your fish have been overfed by your feeder.


  • Highly programmable
  • Easy to mount to tank


  • Disperses a considerable amount of food
  • Can be a bit unreliable
  • Not for small or medium-size tanks

10. Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

Fish Mate

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The Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder is the last item on our list. The Fish Mate is not at the bottom of our list because it is a subpar product; rather, most homes are not a good match for it. Yet, this Fish Mate can be a terrific option if you have a pond of fish that you need to continue feeding while you are away from home or preoccupied with other tasks.

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You may set your fish’s feeding requirements with the Fish Mate P7000, which features a huge 30-cup capacity and an easy-to-read digital display. Food sticks and pellets may be added to the Fish Mate, and it will easily distribute them.

The Fish Mate P7000’s lack of dependability is its main flaw. Occasionally it will function really well for a few weeks before suddenly dumping an unpredictable quantity of food. You are aware of the harm that might result from overfeeding your fish. If you decide to use the Fish Mate P7000, we advise paying great attention to how it performs.


  • Easy-to-read digital display
  • Works with different types of food


  • Inconsistent dispersion
  • Unreliable for long periods

Buyer’s Guide

How will you choose the ideal automated fish feeder now that you have a broad understanding of your options? We’ve outlined some essential factors that should make it easier for you to choose an automated fish feeder that will benefit both you and your fish.


Consider your needs before selecting an automated fish feeder. Do you want anything that feeds your fish every day or are you only going away for the weekend? Depending on, you’ll need to take programming and capacity needs into consideration.


A weekend or two weeks’ worth of food should fit in your fish feeder. Automated fish feeders are available in many different capacities. You may need to buy a few feeders for your tank if you have a big tank with plenty of fish.

Type of Food

The majority of fish feeders can contain flakes, pellets, and powders, but others can only store a certain kind of food. You should test how the fish fare on a specific food type before switching to it and buying your new feeder if the automated feeder you desire needs your fish to switch food kinds. Usually speaking, flakes tend to cling together in the majority of mechanical fish feeders. If your fish are used to receiving flakes as food, be careful to connect them to an aerator to prevent clumping.


When selecting an automated fish feeder, being able to feed your fish when and how much you want is crucial. Some fish feeders let you schedule when you feed your fish to the precise minute, while others just let you feed your fish once or twice a day, and you have no control over when time this happens. You need to strike a compromise between your spending limit and the level of programmability you need.

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If you have control over how much food is distributed, it is one of the most crucial things to take into account. This is less of a worry for those who have bigger tanks with many fish. Nevertheless, many of these feeders will distribute much too much food for your fish to be healthy if you just have one or two fish in a tiny tank.


The majority of automated fish feeders for homes will cost between $15 and $40. This is not a terrible deal considering how pricey fish and fish tanks can get. You should also think about the potential expense of hiring someone to feed your fish while you are away for the weekend. In only one weekend, the automated fish feeder will probably pay for itself.

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While it is primarily for after you choose your fish feeder, this is still important to note. Installing an automated fish feeder the day before a trip abroad is not advised. Before you leave your fish unsupervised, you must test and retest the fish feeder and keep track of its performance for at least a few days. As a committed fish owner, it is your duty to ensure that the food supply is dependable and secure.


Your life will be made simpler with an automated fish feeder. Sadly, buying one might make things much more difficult! Hopefully, our evaluations and recommendations were able to point you in the direction of the ideal fish feeding option.

The Eheim Everday Fish Feeder meets our expectations. Eheim offers a great balance of affordability, programmability, and dependability. By letting our fish go for a few days, we would have faith in this paradigm.

The Zoo Med offers a cheap price and a straightforward answer if the Eheim is a little more expensive than you had intended to pay. For individuals who don’t want to spend hours setting up an automated fish feeder, the Zoo Med alternative is ideal.

Whichever solution you finally choose, be sure to keep an eye on its efficacy to ensure that your fish are nourished and maintained in good condition.

Automatic Fish Feeders: Common Questions and Answers


How does an automatic fish feeder work?

Automatic fish feeders typically consist of a container for fish food and a timer-controlled dispensing mechanism. At programmed intervals, the feeder dispenses a preset amount of food into the aquarium.


Can I use any type of fish food in an automatic feeder?

Most automatic feeders are compatible with a variety of fish foods, including flakes, pellets, and granules. However, it’s essential to check the feeder’s specifications and adjust it accordingly to accommodate the size of the food.


Is it safe to rely solely on an automatic fish feeder?

While automatic feeders are convenient, they should not be the sole source of food for your fish. Periodically, supplement their diet with live or frozen food to provide a well-rounded and balanced nutrition.


How often should I clean the automatic fish feeder?

Regular maintenance is crucial. Clean the feeder and food container every few weeks to prevent food residues from clogging the mechanism, potentially causing malfunction.


Can I use an automatic fish feeder for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums?

Yes, many automatic feeders are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. However, ensure that the feeder you choose is corrosion-resistant if you plan to use it in a saltwater environment.



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