11 Best High Fiber Cat Foods in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks!

Best High Fiber Cat Foods

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11 High Fiber Cat Foods: A Comprehensive Guide


High-fiber cat foods have gained popularity as a means to address various feline health issues and promote overall well-being. These specialized diets offer a range of benefits, from aiding in weight management to supporting digestive health.

In this guide, we’ll explore the world of high-fiber cat foods, their advantages, considerations, and common questions that arise when considering them for your feline companion.

High-Fiber Cat Food

Choosing a meal that is rich in protein is the most frequent piece of advice offered to cat owners. It is less common to hear advice to consume foods rich in fiber. Even though we often overlook it, feeding our cats a lot of fruit and vegetables is crucial.

Feeding your cat high-fiber cat food has various benefits, including controlling digestive patterns, aiding in weight reduction, and reducing hairballs. Also, it may benefit cats that suffer from conditions like diabetes or anal gland disease and prevent colon cancer.

We’ve examined some of the top high-fiber cat foods on the market to assist you in your search.

A Glance at Our Top Picks

BEST OVERALLWinner Smalls Fresh Cat Food Subscription Smalls Fresh Cat Food Subscription   Made from high-quality ingredients  Improves skin and coat  Freeze-dried formula stores well and has a long shelf life Check Price
BEST VALUESecond place Purina Beyond Chicken Canned Cat Food Purina Beyond Chicken Canned Cat Food   Affordable price  Very high fiber content Check Price
Third place Wellness CORE Chicken Wet Cat Food Wellness CORE Chicken Wet Cat Food   Variety of fiber sources  Low in fat to help prevent weight gain Check Price
BEST FOR KITTENS Natural Balance Original Cat Food Natural Balance Original Cat Food   Suitable for all life stages  No artificial colors or flavors  The layering of multiple fiber sources Check Price
  Primal Duck Nuggets Cat Food Primal Duck Nuggets Cat Food   Raw food  All-natural fiber sources  Added Omega-3 fatty acids Check Price

The 11 Best High Fiber Cat Foods

1. Smalls Fresh Cat Food Subscription – Best Overall

smalls freeze-dried raw and human-grade fresh cat food packaging on feeding bowls
Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, All natural

Smalls is the finest high-fiber cat food overall. Independent cat food company Smalls boasts that its products are manufactured with high-quality ingredients that could theoretically be consumed by humans. While it’s cat food, we don’t advise eating it, but Smalls includes high-quality ingredients like chicken from the grocery store and plenty of fruits and vegetables. It may replace your canned food and/or kibble and is available in wet and freeze-dried formats.

According to reviews, this cat food made their cats’ fur seem better. They claim their breath is fresher and there is less litter box stink. This cat chow costs a little bit more than supermarket brands since it’s produced with high-quality ingredients. Also, it is not accessible in your neighborhood pet or food shop. Online ordering is the best option.


  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Improves breath and litter box scent
  • Highly rated by veterinarians
  • Improves skin and coat
  • Freeze-dried formula stores well and has a long shelf life


  • Pricier than other cat food brands

2. Purina Beyond Grain-Free Chicken Wet Food – Best Value

Purina Beyond Indoor Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Grain-free, high-protein

We suggest Purina Beyond Indoor Grain-Free Chicken Recipe as the greatest value for the money since it is more reasonably priced than many other high-fiber cat meals. In a combination made for indoor cats, it is a great source of protein.

Carrots, cellulose, and guar gum are the sources of fiber in Purina Beyond, which together provide 11% of the product’s fiber content. It is now one of the items on our list with the greatest fiber content. It may not be a viable option for the long-term feeding of cats that are prone to obesity since it still contains 16.8% carbs.

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  • Affordable price
  • Very high fiber content


  • High carbohydrate levels

3. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Chicken Cat Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Grain-free, gluten-free

The bulk of cat meals offered for indoor cats are produced with the assumption that these cats are more likely to be obese, develop hairballs, and have constipation. According to this presumption, the majority of indoor cat meals are rich in fiber.

The Wellness CORE dish has a variety of protein sources yet uses little carbs. To improve its fiber content, this snack has pea fiber, flaxseed, and a number of gums. Despite not being the most palatable meals on the planet, they are quite effective in enhancing digestion because they are high in soluble fiber.

A chicory root extract is used to add prebiotic fibers to this dish. This promotes digestive health and good gut flora in your cat. Overall, this dish has 9% fiber.

Due to its high price when compared to other high-fiber meals, this product is classified as our premium option.


  • Variety of fiber sources
  • Low in fat to help prevent weight gain


  • Not the best fiber sources
  • Expensive

4. Natural Balance Original Dry Cat Food – Best for Kittens

Natural Balance Original Ultra Chicken Meal & Salmon Meal Formula

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Dry
Lifestage: All life stages
Special Diet: N/A

High-protein chicken is combined with a healthy mix of fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in Natural Balance Original. The fiber content is reported as 3%, however it comes from a variety of sources to provide your cat with additional digestive support. You may give this food to your kitten as well since it has enough nourishment for all life stages.

This meal offers precisely regulated quantities of calcium and phosphorus to support the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It also doesn’t contain any artificial colors or tastes.


  • The layering of multiple fiber sources
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • No artificial colors or flavors


  • Only 3% fiber content

5. Primal Duck Formula Freeze-dried Nuggets Cat Food

Primal Duck Formula Nuggets

Check Latest Price

Food type: Freeze-dried
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Gluten-free, grain-free, all-natural

Primal Duck Formula Nuggets, which are made from freeze-dried duck flesh, provide your cat with all the advantages of giving raw food without the hassle of preparation. These nuggets are excellent for sensitive stomachs since the major protein in them is duck. You only need to add water and feed to serve.

This freeze-dried meal alternative truly encourages good digestion, unlike many others. These nuggets include fiber-rich nutrients including squash, carrots, broccoli, and pumpkin seeds. There are around 4% of fibers in total. This is a wonderful option if you’re seeking more naturally occurring fiber sources to feed your cat, and its total fiber level is typical for high-fiber meals.

Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids have been added to Primal Duck Formula Nuggets to support the health of your skin and coat and to reduce inflammation, which may cause stomach problems.


  • All-natural fiber sources
  • Duck is the primary protein source
  • Raw food
  • Added Omega-3 fatty acids


  • Must add water and mix before feeding

6. Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Canned Cat Food

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, All natural

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen is another excellent high-fiber cat food. This meal is created from premium, human-grade components and is strong in animal protein but low in carbs.

This cat chow has more fiber thanks to the inclusion of pumpkin, sweet potato, xanthan gum, and carrots. While having a large amount of plant material, it nevertheless includes 72% protein, making it suitable for cats. Its uncommon combination of high protein and high fiber content makes it the ideal meal for cats that struggle with constipation or digestive problems.


  • High protein and high fiber
  • High-quality ingredients


  • More plant matter than is usual for cat food

7. Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Canned Cat Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Veterinary diet, Sensitive digestion

You need a prescription from your veterinarian to purchase Royal Canin meals since they are prescription only foods. It could be beneficial for cats that have severe digestive problems.

This meal is a great option for cats that need to lose weight since it contains 34% less calories than Royal Canin’s high-energy variety. It includes prebiotic fiber to support good gut flora and digestive function in addition to readily digestible proteins. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids are used to lessen inflammation.

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According to customer testimonials, symptoms like allergies, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and irritable bowel syndrome were improved after using Royal Canin Gastrointestinal.

The drawback of this cuisine is that it is rich in carbs due to the substantial quantity of corn starch and maize flour it contains. Just because of this, it should only be used as a temporary fix and is not a meal you should give your cat regularly.


  • Great for digestive issues
  • Added prebiotics and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Low-calorie


  • High in carbohydrates
  • It contains corn starch and cornflour

8. Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Dry Formula Cat Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original Dry Formula

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Dry
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Grain-free, Gluten-free, high-protein

This Wellness CORE kibble has 5% fiber and 38% protein. It is designed for indoor cats with less active lives and includes only natural sources of fiber. Deboned chicken and turkey of the highest grade are the protein sources.

The absence of fillers, grains, byproducts, or synthetic additions makes this dish fantastic. It is ideal for overweight cats since it has 20% less fat than typical commercial cat food.


  • High-protein
  • Natural fiber sources
  • Low-calorie


  • Only 5% fiber
  • Designed for indoor cats only

9. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Hairball Control Chicken Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor Hairball Control Chicken Recipe

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Dry
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Weight control, high-protein, grain-free

This Blue Buffalo dry cat food is modeled around the diet of a wild lynx. It is entirely devoid of grains and has a 7.4% fiber content. The main forms of protein are deboned chicken, chicken, and fish meals, while the main sources of carbs are peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Veterinarians created this meal specifically to prevent weight gain and hairball production. This work is successfully completed by the addition of cellulose and psyllium seeds, as well as a wealth of vitamins and minerals to promote general health.


  • Weight control food
  • All-natural fiber and carbohydrate sources
  • Also combats hairballs


  • For indoor cats only

10. Merrick LID Grain-Free Duck Recipe Canned Cat Food

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Duck Recipe

Check Price on Amazon

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Limited ingredient, grain-free, gluten-free

There are three varieties of Merrick Limited Ingredient food: duck, chicken, and salmon. Since there are so few components in this food, you can easily regulate precisely what your cat eats. This is a terrific feature if you have a sensitive stomach or digestive problems.

This moist meal is simple to digest and contains sufficient Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to support the health of the skin and coat.


  • Limited ingredient food
  • Suitable for cats with food sensitivities


  • Expensive

11. Nature’s Variety Instinct LID Rabbit Canned Cat Food

Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Rabbit Formula

Check Latest Price

Food type: Wet
Lifestage: Adult
Special Diet: Sensitive digestion, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Limited Ingredient

Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet A single source of animal protein and premium additives are used to make Rabbit Formula. This specific variety’s protein source is rabbit. This unique form of protein for cats is what makes this meal so amazing. A new source of protein can be just what you need if you have dietary allergies, sensitivities, or complicated digestive problems.

Around 45% of this item is protein, and 14% of it is fiber. Compared to the majority of cat meals, this is a very high fiber content.

The taste of this dish is really its sole drawback. Some cats may not enjoy it since it’s mostly made of rabbit protein.


Buy Pets Supplies on Amazon
  • High-protein
  • High-fiber
  • Limited ingredient food
  • Novel protein source


  • Some cats may not like it

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best High Fiber Cat Food

How Fiber Helps Your Cat

An essential carbohydrate for cats is fiber. Cats in the wild would consume fiber from their prey, but domestic cats who do not engage in hunting must get it from their cat food. Proteins and lipids are broken down in a different way than fiber. Fiber does not become stored by cats; instead, it goes through their whole digestive system, top to bottom.

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Fiber is crucial because it maintains a regular flow of other food through your cat’s intestines. It helps create stools that are neither too firm nor too soft, making potty excursions for your cat more pleasant. High-fiber diets are used to treat constipation and diarrhea since fiber inhibits both of these conditions.

Domestic cats often struggle with weight control because they are less active than their outdoor and wild relatives. They spend less energy looking for food, sleep more, and groom themselves more. Hence, although your indoor cats might benefit from more fiber in their diet, outdoor cats definitely don’t require it.

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Reasons to Feed a High-Fiber Food

Cat food alternatives created particularly for the requirements of indoor cats are many. Below is a list of some particular ailments that high-fiber foods may be beneficial for:

Hairball control

Domestic cats often spend a lot of time grooming themselves since they have more free time. They unavoidably consume some hair when they lick their fur. The majority of it passes through the intestines similarly to food, but sometimes it may cluster together in the stomach like a hairball.

Hairball removal is not a pleasant process. When they are about to vomit, cats will heave. Then you have to pick it up from the ground. Cats with long hair and elderly cats are more likely to have hairballs.

Everything will be OK if your cat is able to vomit the hairball up. Yet sometimes, these hairballs might become stuck and create problems. By lowering the quantity of hairballs your cat produces, high-fiber diets may help avoid these issues. Foods designed specifically for hairballs reduce shedding and speed up the passage of any hair that is ingested through the colon.


Simply said, indoor cats are more likely to have weight problems and obesity because they consume more calories than they expend. Cats in the wild may go for many days without eating, and during that period, they log a lot of kilometers. Our indoor cats eat many times a day and spend a lot of time lounging or resting. Several elements contribute to weight growth.

Since fiber makes your cat feel fuller for longer, it may assist with weight reduction and control. They consume less food and need fewer meals. Fiber doesn’t enhance your cat’s total calorie intake since it passes through their digestive system unabsorbed.

Constipation and diarrhea

Your cat does not like any of these situations. The first is uncomfortable to pass because the stool is too dry and goes too slowly. The latter happens too quickly and comes out runny. Both symptoms indicate that your cat’s digestive system isn’t functioning properly.

A healthy stool is formed in large part by fiber. It softens hard stools by drawing water into the intestines and delays the transit of runny stools by removing water from them. Both beet pulp and pumpkin are top-notch sources of fiber that help cats with their bowel issues.

Different Types of Fiber

Both plant-based and animal-based sources of fiber are available. Although cats can digest both, they do so in distinct ways.

The many forms of fiber included in cat chow, along with descriptions of each, are shown below.

• Soluble fiber – This will be labeled as  Pectin or gums on the ingredient list. Since it attracts water into the colon, soluble fiber is quite effective at easing constipation.

• Insoluble fiber – Examples of insoluble fibers include cellulose and peanut hulls. These fibers are excellent for treating diarrhea because they make feces thicker as it passes through the gut.

• Moderately fermentable fiber –  Certain sources of fiber are both soluble and insoluble. Since they restore equilibrium to your cat’s digestive tract, they are often the best option for digestive problems. Pumpkin, beet, or bran pulp are common examples of fibers that are only mildly fermentable.

Drawbacks of high-fiber Food

There are certain drawbacks to high-fiber cat diets. This is why you should never change your cat’s diet without first talking to your veterinarian. It may be harder to control your cat’s weight if there is an overabundance of fiber since it may sometimes be stored as fat. The proportion of carbs to proteins in your cat’s diet is another crucial factor to consider. Cats will lose muscle mass, which is crucial for their general health, if they consume little protein.

In order to prevent any possible issues, keep an eye out for the following while purchasing cat food:

• High protein – The protein level of cat food should never be reduced in order to boost the fiber content. Cats need a lot of meat in their diet since they are carnivores. It is never a good idea to replace this with too much carbs for cats’ health.

• Allergens – Food sensitivities or allergies may cause digestive issues in cats. Common food allergies include grains and synthetic chemicals.

• Type of fiber – Cats need to consume both soluble and insoluble fiber.

• Moderately fermentable fiber — Since it fulfills the functions of the other kinds, this fiber is best for cats.

• Protein to carbohydrate ratio – If you’re trying to lose weight, choose foods that are rich in protein and low in carbs.

• Nutrients for healthy skin and coat – Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids will aid in maintaining the healthiest possible hair and skin on your cat. Moreover, they reduce shedding and prevent hairballs.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to choose a high-fiber cat food. The best overall high-fiber cat food is Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food, which is what we advise. The most cost-effective choice is Purina Beyond, which we believe offers the most value.

You can select the finest high-fiber diet for your cat by reading these reviews, which include a wide range of wet and dry food alternatives. You can bring your cat back to feeling their best by using the features in our buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for when you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions



What Is High Fiber Cat Food, and Why Is It Important?

High fiber cat food is specially formulated to contain increased levels of dietary fiber. Fiber plays a crucial role in promoting digestive health, managing weight, and preventing certain medical conditions in cats. It aids in regulating bowel movements and can be beneficial for both overweight and constipated cats.


What Are the Common Sources of Fiber in Cat Food?

Fiber in cat food often comes from various sources, including:

  • Dietary Fiber: Derived from plant-based ingredients like grains, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Prebiotic Fiber: Supports the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, enhancing digestive health.
  • Soluble and Insoluble Fiber: Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance, aiding in digestion. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stools, aiding in regular bowel movements.


When Should I Consider High-Fiber Cat Food?

High-fiber cat food may be recommended in several situations:

  • Weight Management: It can help cats lose or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Hairball Control: Fiber aids in the passage of hairballs.
  • Diabetes Management: Some high-fiber diets can assist in regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Constipation: For cats with recurrent constipation or gastrointestinal issues.
  • Senior Cats: As cats age, their digestive system may benefit from added fiber.


Can High Fiber Cat Food Cause Digestive Issues?

While high-fiber cat food can help with digestion, introducing it too quickly or in excessive amounts may lead to temporary digestive upset. It’s essential to transition your cat gradually to a high-fiber diet to allow their system to adapt.


How Do I Choose the Right High-Fiber Cat Food?

A5: To select the right high-fiber cat food, consider your cat’s specific needs, age, and any underlying health conditions. Consult with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations. Look for reputable brands that provide a balanced and nutritionally complete diet tailored to your cat’s requirements.



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