Bob Harvey Award Honors Heartwarming Bond Between Elderly Man and His Beloved Pet

Bond Between Elderly Man and His Beloved Pet

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Bob Harvey Award Honors Heartwarming Bond Between Elderly Man and His Beloved Pet


A Heartbreaking Choice: Pet or Care Home?

Bob Harvey’s story touched the hearts of people nationwide when he faced an impossible decision – to choose between his cherished pet dog, Darcie, or the care home he had moved into with his late wife, Margaret. In the wake of this heartrending situation, a compassionate award has been established to honor Bob’s memory and recognize care facilities that prioritize the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved pets.

Fostering Compassion and SCAS Join Hands to Commemorate Bob Harvey

Fostering Compassion, an East Lothian-based charity has collaborated with the Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) to create the prestigious Bob Harvey Award. This award seeks to applaud care facilities that go the extra mile in supporting the unique bond between elderly individuals and their beloved pet companions.

A Tale of Devotion and Heartache

Bob Harvey and his wife Margaret found solace in the company of their loyal pet, Darcie, when they moved into a care home in the Borders region. As Margaret battled dementia, Darcie provided immeasurable comfort and companionship. Tragically, after Margaret’s passing, a new management team at the home decided that Darcie could no longer stay, forcing Bob to make an agonizing choice – to remain alone or seek an alternative living arrangement.

A Petition with a Purpose

In an awe-inspiring display of solidarity and empathy, more than 300,000 people signed a petition urging the care home to allow Bob and Darcie to stay together. However, despite the overwhelming support, the home remained resolute in its decision. Bob, then 87 years old, had no option but to relocate to a bungalow in the North of England, leaving behind the care home where he and Darcie had once found comfort together.

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The Legacy of Love Lives On

Tragically, Bob Harvey passed away at the age of 90 in 2019, leaving behind fond memories of the heartwarming bond he shared with Darcie. After Bob’s passing, Darcie found a new home with family and friends but, heartbreakingly, he too passed away several months later at the age of 14.

A Touching Tribute to a Beloved Pair

The newly established Bob Harvey Award serves as a lasting tribute to the extraordinary relationship between an elderly man and his faithful canine companion. This award aims to shine a spotlight on care facilities, hospitals, and hospices that prioritize and protect the invaluable human-animal bond during life’s most challenging transitions.

Championing the Human-Animal Connection

Lesley Winton, the founder of Fostering Compassion, expressed her enthusiasm for collaborating with SCAS to launch the Bob Harvey Award. She emphasized the significance of recognizing and supporting care facilities that embrace and preserve the vital relationship between animals and older individuals.

A Bond that Transcends Words

The Bob Harvey Award stands as a powerful symbol of love, devotion, and the profound impact that animals can have on the lives of the elderly. By honoring Bob’s memory, this award aims to encourage and inspire care facilities to prioritize the preservation of these meaningful connections, fostering compassion and companionship in times of transition.

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