Reggie, The Cross-Eyed, Big-Nosed Feline, Transforms from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

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Reggie, The Cross-Eyed, Big-Nosed Feline, Transforms from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat


Felines have always held a certain charm that captivates their human companions, but a particular cat named Reggie has made a more unique impact. With his characteristic large nose, crossed eyes, and loveable nature, this vibrant orange cat has a heartwarming tale that’s gone from survival on the streets to a luxurious indoor life.

From Stray to Star: The Reggie Tale Begins

Reggie’s journey started in a feral cat colony in Tucson, Arizona, known as the Big Cheddar Colony. TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) rescuers found Reggie, or Parmigiano Reggiano, living among his brethren, each named after different cheese varieties.

from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

Courtney Gustafson, an experienced rescuer and cat enthusiast, immediately noticed something unique about Reggie amidst the 25 other orange cats. Beyond his distinct physical features – an inexplicably large nose and cross-eyed expression – Reggie’s friendly nature set him apart. He showed an eagerness to socialize and interact, something seldom observed in feral cats.

From The Streets to a Furry-Friendly Home

Typically, capturing feral cats for neutering requires tact and stealth. But with Reggie, the task was as easy as a walk in the park. His sociable nature had him walking right into the traps, even interacting with rescuers, leading Gustafson to hope he could be socialized into a pampered indoor pet.

from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

To continue caring for the numerous kittens and cats at the Big Cheddar Colony, the rescuers collaborated with Southern Arizona Cat Rescue and Whiskers N Wishes Sanctuary. With a promise that Reggie would get his turn at a comfortable indoor life, they raised funds for his necessary dental work.

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Reggie’s New Luxurious Life

One day, the rescuers’ promise came true. Reggie was brought indoors, where he reveled in the joy of sleeping among soft blankets and receiving endless attention.

from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

Followers of Poets Square Cats raised the required $1k for Reggie’s dental work in an impressive 43 minutes, paving the way for his new life.

Reggie’s Happily-Ever-After

After receiving the necessary care, Reggie found his forever home. Although his foster mom, Arcelia, will miss him dearly, she’s overjoyed that Reggie now has a loving home.

from Feral to Pampered Indoor Cat

Reggie’s transition from a feral life to a pampered indoor one is a heartwarming testament to the compassionate efforts of cat rescuers and the community. His story shines a spotlight on the potential within each stray and the life-changing impact of adoption.

You can continue to follow Reggie’s journey and those of his other “cheesy relatives” on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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