Can CBD Help an Insomniac Dog?

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Exploring the Canine Dreamland: Can CBD Help an Insomniac Dog?

In the world of pet wellness, the potential benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) have emerged as a topic of intrigue and exploration. As pet owners, ensuring our furry companions experience restful sleep is crucial to their overall health and happiness.

The question arises: Can CBD, a compound derived from the cannabis plant, be a natural remedy for insomniac dogs? Join us on this journey as we delve into the realm of canine sleep patterns, the potential role of CBD, and the considerations that pet parents should keep in mind when contemplating this alternative approach to addressing their dogs’ sleep issues.

Can CBD Help an Insomniac Dog?

Like us, our pets require ample sleep throughout the day to help them stay healthy and happy. And more recently, insomnia has become a common occurrence in pups, making their owners concerned about their health.

If your pup cannot sleep soundly through the night or day, you can try CBD for dogs. Cannabidiol has many health benefits for people and similarly for pets too. So let us discover how CBD can aid in better sleep schedules in your pup to boost their health.

What is CBD Oil for Dogs?

CBD for dogs is no different fromĀ CBD for people. The oil comes from industrial hemp plants and has fair amounts of cannabidiol. You can buy CBD Gummies for Pain at JustCBD. This drug holds many health benefits for the users- like reducing pain, alleviating anxiety, etc.

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Dog owners generally use it to curb problems like anxiety and sleeplessness in pups. Since it is a natural supplement, it is safe to use regularly for puppies. It has no psychoactive effects; hence you can give it to your pet without any worries.

All in all, CBD products such as oils, treats, and balms have been taking over the market currently. Many pet owners have left their experience accounts stating how this drug has helped their pup become healthier, further proving its effectiveness. Additionally, you can find crucial findings from many studies proving that cannabidiol can induce and sustain sleep in animals.

What Causes Insomnia in Dogs?

When you hear the term insomnia, you would immediately relate it to sleeplessness in people. But did you know that insomnia was frequently found in pets too? Though the reasons may differ, many pets nowadays experience such sleeplessness.

Some of these pets might get some sleep but not fulfill their needs. Other pets might not get much sleep, leading to poor health. Hence, pet owners must look for signs of insomnia and curb them at the earliest.

Here are some common causes or triggers of insomnia in our furry friends that must get dealt with:

  • Recurring bouts of anxiety due to loud noises or other reasons can lead to sleeplessness.
  • Chronic pain, especially joint pain in puppies, can hinder them from sleeping peacefully at night.
  • Stress and restlessness can hinder dogs from staying calm enough to achieve sleep.
  • Less physical activity can lead to excessive energy in pups, stopping them from falling asleep.
  • Bouts of seizures or excessive snoring can wake the dogs from sleep at night.

How Can CBD Help Insomnia In Dogs?

CBD became a well-loved supplement amongst users- after the 2018 Farm Bill got passed. Many research works brought to light the immense potential of cannabidiol in inducing and sustaining sleep. Even now, if you read the customer accounts, you can discover how crucial your favorite drug has been in helping with health problems. Pet owners are in awe of how effective it is while being safe.

So here are some ways in which it can help your furry friend achieve better sleep and reduce sleeplessness:

  • Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is among the top causes of sleeplessness in both humans and pets. In the case of dogs, nervousness may come from external disturbances or internal fears. Some dogs, for example, get anxious due to firecracker sounds. Some dogs may get anxiety while sleeping away from their owner. Thankfully, CBD can help curb both these anxieties in the pet. It has worked and still helps curb anxiety and stress levels in the body. It will help your pup feel less anxious and be able to relax.

  • Curbs Pain Like Joint Pain
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Joint pain on muscle pain in pups can make them feel uneasy during sleeping times. Whether due to a chronic condition or a temporary incident, such pain can hinder sleep schedules. Painkillers are not suitable since they come with many side effects.

It is where CBD comes into the picture to reduce such pain. As you may know, it interacts with our endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain. In such a manner, this drug can provide quick yet lasting pain relief to your pup and help them sleep well.

  • Induces Calmness

Energetic pups always have trouble falling asleep at night due to their energy. Sometimes the dog cannot stay calm even after they have released their extra energy. While the best solution for overflowing energy would be ample exercise, sometimes it falls short.

Here, CBD can help them enter a relaxed mood suitable for sleeping. As observed in humans, it helps regulate the heartbeat and calm the user. Similarly, if provided to your pup, it can help them stay calm enough to fall asleep.

How to Give CBD to Your Pet?

person holding white and brown long coated small dog

Choosing one product might be difficult since many CBD products are available for pets in the market. So if you are buying it for your pup for the first time, you might not know which product to buy.

Here are some popular available products that you can choose based on the needs of your pup:

  1. CBD Oils– CBD Oil is the most commonly used way of feeding pups with it. The oil is readily available and is one of the most potent products. Plus, oils are easy to give to pets. You can put a few drops in their mouths directly or mix them with their food.
  2. CBD Treats– If your pup doesn’t particularly approve of the flavor of the oil, you can try a different method. CBD treats are dog treats infused with the substance. So they have all the benefits of it but not the bitter taste of the oil.
  3. CBD Balms– If your pup suffers mainly from chronic pain, you can opt for topical instead of edibles. Say that your puppy has joint pain in his right hind leg that keeps him awake. Then you can rub the balm over that area every night before bedtime to curb pain.
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Taking care of your up’s physical and mental health as a pet parent is essential. You can try CBD oil shampoo for dogs to help curb some symptoms and bring gradual improvement. And if your pup has problems like anxiety or sleeplessness, you might search for supplements to help with it.

Cannabidiol is a natural compound perfect for regular use in pets. It can help reduce anxiety and restlessness in your dog to help them stay calm during bedtime. It can also help them sleep longer and better, fulfilling their sleep needs.

Questions and Answers about CBD for Insomniac Dogs:


What causes insomnia in dogs, and how is it identified?

Insomnia in dogs can be triggered by various factors, including anxiety, pain, medical conditions, or changes in the environment. Identifying insomnia involves observing changes in sleep patterns, restlessness, excessive daytime napping, or signs of discomfort during the night.


How does CBD interact with a dog’s body, and can it promote sleep?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a dog’s body, influencing various physiological functions, including sleep regulation. While research is ongoing, some studies suggest that CBD may help manage underlying issues such as anxiety or pain that contribute to insomnia, potentially promoting a more relaxed and restful sleep.


What considerations should pet owners keep in mind before giving CBD to their dogs?

Before incorporating CBD into a dog’s routine, it’s crucial to consult with a veterinarian. Factors such as the dog’s size, breed, existing health conditions, and the quality of the CBD product must be considered. Dosage, administration methods, and potential interactions with other medications should be discussed with a veterinary professional.


Are there potential side effects of using CBD for dogs with insomnia?

While CBD is generally well-tolerated by dogs, potential side effects may include lethargy, gastrointestinal upset, or changes in appetite. Monitoring the dog’s response and consulting with a veterinarian can help address any concerns and adjust the dosage if necessary.


What other holistic approaches can pet owners consider for managing insomnia in dogs?

In addition to CBD, pet owners can explore various holistic approaches to address insomnia, including creating a calm sleep environment, establishing consistent bedtime routines, providing comfortable bedding, and incorporating relaxing activities. Behavioral training and addressing underlying health issues are also vital aspects of a comprehensive approach to improving a dog’s sleep quality.




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