Albuquerque DoorDash Driver’s Car and Pet Dog Stolen During Delivery

Albuquerque DoorDash Driver's Car and Pet Dog Stolen During Delivery

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The Unexpected Ordeal of an Albuquerque DoorDash Driver: Beloved Pet Dog and Car Stolen Mid-Delivery


The Distressing Experience of Justin Miller, Who Lost His Pet and Car During a Routine DoorDash Delivery

Albuquerque, a vibrant city in New Mexico, witnessed an unusual incident recently. In what can only be described as a nightmare, local resident Justin Miller, a DoorDash driver, lost not just his car, but also his beloved pet dog in the midst of his delivery routine.

The Incident: A Delivery Run Gone Wrong

Justin Miller frequently drives for DoorDash, a popular food delivery platform, to supplement his income. However, Friday evening took a devastating turn. While picking up an order from a McDonald’s outlet near 98th and I-40, Miller left his dog Audi in his white Subaru Forester. Returning from the pick-up, he was shocked to find both his vehicle and his dog missing.

The Hunt: Desperate Search for Audi, the American Pitbull

The stolen car, a 2009 model Subaru Forester, is a loss, but the disappearance of Audi, Miller’s 9-year-old American Pitbull, has been heart-wrenching. Audi, a sweet-tempered, blue-fawn-colored dog, was not just a pet, but a cherished part of Miller’s family.

In his desperate attempt to find Audi, Miller has searched every possible location, knocking on neighbors’ doors and leveraging the power of social media to spread the word about his missing companion.

Albuquerque DoorDash Driver's Car and Pet Dog Stolen During Delivery

Though the loss of his car is significant, Miller emphasized his primary concern, stating, “That’s all that matters. I could care less about the materialistic side of things. It’s more or less what means the most to me.

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A Glimmer of Hope: Potential Leads Emerge

Despite the troubling circumstances, Miller hasn’t lost hope. Through social media, he received a tip that Audi was potentially spotted near 86th and Bridge Boulevard on Saturday. Miller is hoping for more leads like this to help him reunite with his four-legged family member.

He has also reported the incident to the Albuquerque Police Department and awaits their assistance in this troubling time.

DoorDash Drivers: Safety Considerations

DoorDash drivers, and indeed any individuals working in delivery roles, are encouraged to take safety precautions when leaving their vehicles unattended, especially when pets are inside. The unfortunate incident involving Miller serves as a harsh reminder of the potential risks.

News Source: KRQE News


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