Casper: People’s Choice for Farm Dog of the Year

Casper: People's Choice for Farm Dog of the Year

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Casper: People’s Choice for Farm Dog of the Year


In a heartwarming tale of bravery and loyalty, Casper, a remarkable Great Pyrenees, has emerged as a finalist for the coveted “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” award, presented by the American Farm Bureau. The courageous canine made headlines globally after fending off a pack of 11 coyotes to protect his flock of sheep last year.

Casper’s Run for Glory

Casper, a 3-year-old hamburger-loving pup from Decatur, Georgia, has captured hearts with his exceptional patrolling and guarding skills. Owner John Wierwille, 56, revealed that Casper is not only big, strong, and intelligent but also exudes boundless affection for both his human family and his woolly charges.

Wierwille shared, “His energy is contagious and boundless. Even the sheep feel invincible when Casper is around, and frankly, sheep never feel invincible.”

The Ordinary Pup with Extraordinary Courage

Despite being described as an “ordinary dog” by Wierwille, Casper’s extraordinary feat last November catapulted him to international stardom. Casper serves as a livestock guardian dog for Wierwille’s business, utilizing a flock of sheep to clear vines and brush in urban settings.

The guardian dogs play a crucial role in protecting the flock from threats such as coyotes, foxes, and owls. Wierwille explained the strategic process of moving the sheep from place to place, relying on the vigilant patrol of dogs like Casper to ensure their safety.

Coyote Confrontation: Casper’s Heroic Stand

During a routine day, Casper and his mate Daisy found themselves face-to-face with a formidable coyote pack. Wierwille recounted the astonishing encounter, with Casper bravely taking on the predators one by one in a two-day-long battle. Despite the odds, Casper, three times the size of his adversaries, emerged victorious.

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“He clearly outmatched them,” Wierwille stated, emphasizing Casper’s physical and mental trauma after the ordeal. The heroic pup spent over six weeks recovering at LifeLine Animal Clinic, receiving commendable care and support from Dr. Susan Brosman and her dedicated staff.

People’s Choice Pup: A Well-Deserved Honor

Now, Casper stands as one of five contenders for the “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” award. Online voting, available on the Farm Bureau’s website until December 20, will determine the winner. The victorious pup will be announced at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention in January 2024 and will receive a cash prize of $1,000.

Wierwille expressed his family’s belief that Casper deserves to win, highlighting the pup’s unwavering commitment to protecting the animals under his care. If victorious, the Wierwille family plans to celebrate with a plaque, bling for Casper’s collar, and his favorite treat—a Wendy’s hamburger.

Meet the Contenders

Other contenders for the People’s Choice Pup award include Trip, a Border Collie from Ohio; Margo, a Rottweiler from Indiana; Morgan, a Bernese Mountain Dog from Idaho; and Cinco, a Border Collie from Utah. While these remarkable dogs did not advance in the overall Farm Dog of the Year contest, their captivating stories have garnered attention.

Read the original story on Newsweek: Great Pyrenees Who Fought Off 11 Coyotes Up for Award.


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