Dynamic Duo Smokey and Bear: Cat and Dog Team Triumphs as Pet of the Week

Cat and Dog Team Triumphs as Pet of the Week

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Dynamic Duo Smokey and Bear: Cat and Dog Team Triumphs as Pet of the Week

In a heartwarming tale of camaraderie, the latest winners of Newsweek’s Pet of the Week are none other than the inseparable duo, Smokey the cat and Bear the dog. Born just three months apart and currently residing with their owner Renee in Northern California, these two furry companions have captured the spotlight with their extraordinary friendship and shared adventures.

The Unlikely Bond

Best Friends Since Day 1

Smokey and Bear’s friendship defies expectations, proving that cats and dogs can indeed be the best of friends. According to Renee, their owner, Smokey joined the household to alleviate Bear’s puppy loneliness. The initial uncertainty on Bear’s part quickly transformed into a deep bond as they played, slept, and forged a connection that became the foundation of their enduring friendship.

Adventures in Playtime

Chasing, Playing, and Mischief

In a delightful video shared by Renee, Smokey and Bear are seen engaged in playful activities, chasing each other around the yard and enjoying a camaraderie that warms the heart. Surprisingly, these dynamic pals have showcased their prowess as a team by catching moles and voles in the backyard, leaving their owner astonished.

Finalists in the Spotlight

Apart from the winning pair, other remarkable pets were recognized as finalists in this week’s Pet of the Week competition.

1. Nibbles the Cat

Nibbles, a feline with a hint of narcissism, made her mark by reacting uniquely to a pillow adorned with her own picture. Her owner shared a hilarious account of Nibbles seemingly worshipping her pillow doppelgänger, adding a touch of humor to the competition.

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2. Moon the Musical Cat

Moon, also known as DJ MünDogg, demonstrated an unusual taste for music by actively participating in selecting records for the owner’s birthday. This feline’s unique skill earned her the title of DJ MünDogg, showcasing the diverse talents that pets can bring into our lives.

3. Remy the Mischief-Maker

Remy, a mischievous 4-year-old German Shepherd, stood out for his penchant for stealing snacks and food from the counter. Despite his thieving ways, Remy displayed an endearing side by always staying close to his owner, proving that even mischief-makers have a soft side.

How to Nominate Your Pet for Newsweek’s Pet of the Week

If you believe your pet deserves a spot in the spotlight as Newsweek’s Pet of the Week, follow the instructions provided at the end of this article. Share your furry friend’s unique story, and they might just be the next adorable face featured on Newsweek.


Smokey and Bear’s heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the special connections that can form between different species. In a world filled with viral pet moments, these two have managed to stand out, proving that love knows no bounds, especially when it comes to our beloved animal companions.

For more captivating pet stories and to nominate your pet for Newsweek’s Pet of the Week, visit Newsweek.



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