Heartbreaking Tale of Sora: Adopted After 900 Days, Returned Within Hours

Heartbreaking Tale of Sora

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Heartbreaking Tale of Sora: Adopted After 900 Days, Returned Within Hours

In a poignant turn of events, Sora, a canine resident of the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, finally found hope after spending a staggering 900 days in the shelter. However, her journey took an unexpected and disheartening twist when she was returned to the shelter just 24 hours after being adopted.

Sora’s Prolonged Shelter Stay

Sora’s story began over two and a half years ago when she was surrendered by her owner and arrived at the Valley Animal Center. As the largest no-kill animal center in the Central Valley, the facility had become Sora’s home for an extended period. The challenges for a shelter dog like Sora to attract attention are evident, as studies indicate that the average shelter visitor interacts with just one dog per visit for a mere eight minutes (Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 2014).

Sora’s Unique Qualities

Despite the prolonged stay, the shelter staff recognized Sora’s potential to be a wonderful pet. Sim Kaur from the Valley Animal Center described Sora as a high-energy dog who loves to play, gets excited during walks, and is affectionate towards humans. Sora’s love for outdoor activities, including walks and hikes, positioned her as an ideal companion.

The Ray of Hope

Sora’s luck seemed to change when a prospective pet owner noticed her at the shelter. Impressed by her qualities, they decided to adopt Sora, sparking anticipation for a happy ending to her story.

Heartbreaking Tale of Sora

A Shelter Pet’s Nightmare

Tragically, Sora’s joy was short-lived as, just a day later, her new owner made the heartbreaking decision to return her. A video posted on TikTok (@jjack.iie) captured Sora’s evident sadness upon returning to familiar surroundings at the shelter.

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Frustration and Disappointment

The Valley Animal Center’s Sim Kaur expressed frustration, believing that Sora’s adopters should have given her more time to acclimate to her new home. Kaur emphasized the impact of extended shelter stays on the mental health of adoptable pets, emphasizing that Sora did not receive adequate time to decompress in her new environment.

Sora’s Ideal Home

Despite the setback, Kaur remains hopeful about finding Sora her perfect forever home. Acknowledging Sora’s preferences, Kaur recommends a home where she is the only pet, given her selective nature with other dogs. Sora’s high energy level calls for a dedicated owner willing to invest time in training.

A Future Full of Hope

Kaur remains optimistic, asserting that with patience and guidance, Sora can indeed become a valuable addition to any family. The focus now is on finding the right match that aligns with Sora’s unique qualities and requirements.


Sora’s journey reflects the challenges faced by shelter animals and the emotional rollercoaster of adoption. The hope is that Sora’s tale serves as a reminder of the commitment required when adopting a pet, ensuring a smooth transition into their new home.

For more information on Sora’s story and updates, visit Valley Animal Center. This article was originally published in Newsweek.



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