From Stray to Star: Sage, The Mom Cat’s Journey Towards Her Forever Home

Cat's Journey Towards Her Forever Home

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From Stray to Star: Sage, The Mom Cat’s Journey Towards Her Forever Home


A Stray Cat’s Tale: Sage’s Story of Survival

Imagine a life wandering the streets, heavily pregnant and alone. This was the stark reality for Sage, a resilient grey tabby cat, who, before being taken into a city animal shelter, had spent an entire year living the rough life.

Not an ideal environment for rearing kittens, the shelter’s staff knew they had to find a safe haven for the soon-to-be mother. And so, the call went out to the rescue community. Heeding their plea, Salty Animal Rescue stepped in and welcomed the expectant mom.

Cat's Journey Towards Her Forever Home

“Roughly at five years old, who knows how many litters she’s had. But fortunately, this was her very last one,” shared Karly, co-founder of the rescue.

A Mother’s Love: Sage and Her Six Kittens

Once settled into her new surroundings, Sage seemed to blossom. She sought attention, enjoyed her new human company, and reveled in the comfort of her quiet room, with an abundance of food available. Sage seemed safe and contented, even proudly showing off her round belly.

Only days later, she gave birth to six healthy kittens, each one robust and full of life. The four boys and two girls were catered to with unwavering dedication by Sage, who tirelessly attended to their every whim.

The once neglected stray was now a doting mother, with her kittens’ wellbeing being her sole focus. Sage was attentive and nurturing, ensuring her kittens thrived under her care. “These are some of the plumpest kittens we’ve ever had,” Karly commented.

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Cat's Journey Towards Her Forever Home

Independent Sage: Life After Kittens

Time passed, and Sage’s kittens grew, mastering skills like running and jumping while constantly keeping their mom on her toes. As they gradually became independent, Sage felt it was time to retire from her mommy duties. She decided to spend most of her time with her human friends, enjoying the much-deserved attention.

“Sage made it pretty clear that she wants to be the only animal in the home,” says Karly. “She enjoys belly rubs on demand and will happily roll on her back to show it.”

Now aged five, Sage still has the playful spirit of a kitten. She loves to play and is known to form an instant connection with every person she meets. With her kittens finding their forever homes, it’s finally Sage’s turn to find hers.

Cat's Journey Towards Her Forever Home

A Forever Home for Sage: A New Chapter

“Sage is looking for a home where she can be spoiled and loved on,” Karly shares. “She needs a family who will treat her like the princess she is, providing her with all the luxuries a kitty could wish for.”

Although we might never fully understand how Sage ended up on the streets, her future is undoubtedly brighter. As Karly confidently says, “Sage will have a better life than she could ever dream of.”

To learn more about Sage’s story, visit Love Meow.

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