Quezon City Mall Security Guard’s Horrific Act Against a Puppy Sparks Outrage

Quezon City Mall Security Guard's Horrific Act Against a Puppy Sparks Outrage

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Quezon City Mall Security Guard’s Horrific Act Against a Puppy Sparks Outrage


Animal Cruelty in Broad Daylight: An Unthinkable Act of Violence

Warning: The following content includes references to animal cruelty.

In a shocking display of animal cruelty that has triggered an outcry on social media, a security guard from the well-known SM North EDSA Mall in Quezon City, Philippines, was reported to have forcibly thrown a child’s pet puppy from a footbridge, causing the tragic demise of the innocent creature.

Viral Social Media Post Sheds Light on the Incident

The incident came to light when Janine Santos, a passerby, and Facebook user, posted a detailed account of the episode on July 11, a post that quickly went viral. Santos narrated how the security guard was seen to be driving away a group of children, one of whom was holding the puppy. When the children failed to comply, the security guard took a distressing course of action.

In her post, Santos quoted the security guard responding with an indifferent, “Wala akong pake,” translating to “I don’t care,” when an onlooker attempted to intervene. She vividly recalled the scene where the heartbroken crowd almost broke down in tears after witnessing such an atrocious act.

Quezon City Mall Security Guard's Horrific Act Against a Puppy Sparks Outrage

Mall Authorities Take Swift Action Amidst Outrage

Reacting swiftly to the heartbreaking incident, the management of SM City North EDSA expressed deep regret and called upon the security agency for a comprehensive investigation. The security guard was immediately dismissed from his duty and banned from offering his services at any of their mall chains nationwide.

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“We empathize deeply with the group of children affected by this heartbreaking incident that occurred outside our premises today,” said the official statement from the mall authorities. “As a pet-friendly establishment, we categorically denounce any actions that pose a threat or cause harm to animals.”

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society Steps in to Seek Justice

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), an eminent organization dedicated to animal welfare, expressed its intention to file a case against the errant security guard for the shocking act of cruelty. PAWS stated that it received over 190 emails regarding the incident and has reached out to eyewitnesses for the collection of affidavits.

PAWS urged the public to avoid crowding their email with forwarded social media posts about the incident to ensure that potential witnesses can send in their affidavits, a critical step in the process of filing the case.

In Summary

This incident has stirred a wave of anger and grief among animal lovers and the public alike. The steps taken by the mall authorities and the involvement of PAWS seek to assure that justice is delivered for the innocent puppy and that such horrific acts of animal cruelty are not repeated.

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