Meet Blue: The Adorable Comfort Dog Taking Rhode Island by Storm

Comfort Dog Taking Rhode Island by Storm

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Meet Blue: The Adorable Comfort Dog Taking Rhode Island by Storm


A Paw-some Addition to the Force

In the heart of Rhode Island, a heartwarming story unfolds as the Tiverton Police Department introduces their newest recruit, Blue – a ten-week-old black lab. Beyond his undeniable cuteness, Blue carries a special title as the department’s very first comfort and therapy dog officer.

His arrival, marked on September 7th, has ignited a wave of positivity and admiration across social media platforms, leaving residents of Tiverton and beyond smitten by his charms.

A Pawsitive Initiative: Blue’s Journey Begins

Officer Shaun Wilson of the Tiverton Police Department envisioned a unique role for Blue, one that would bring comfort and solace to both the community and the police force itself. “I’ve always wanted to be a K9 officer,” Wilson shared. “When I saw the need and the rewarding outcome of a comfort dog, I started looking into it more.” Thus, the idea of Blue’s mission was born.

Comfort Dog Taking Rhode Island by Storm

The department, recognizing the potential of this heartwarming program to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, brought Blue into their ranks. Blue came from Boonefield Labradors, a company renowned for breeding and training Labrador retrievers as therapy and comfort dogs.

Officer Wilson emphasized the significance of building a strong relationship between the police and the community, a goal that Blue wholeheartedly embodies.

A Furry Comrade: Blue’s Partner in Comfort

While Blue may be the newest addition to the Tiverton Police Department’s therapy team, he’s not alone in his mission. Meet Scrappy, the comfort cat who has been offering solace to the officers and staff at the department. Scrappy’s presence has already proven invaluable in providing comfort during challenging times.

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Regional Comfort Heroes

Blue’s arrival isn’t the only heartwarming tale in the region. Hank, the Boonefield Police Department’s first comfort dog, and Brody, who serves at the Bristol Police Department, have also become beloved members of their respective communities. Their presence exemplifies the growing recognition of the positive impact that therapy dogs bring.

Blue’s Whirlwind Adventures

Blue’s first day on the job was nothing short of eventful. He eagerly met his fellow officers and even made acquaintances with the local fire department. His itinerary included a visit to the town hall and a thorough checkup at the veterinarian’s office. But that was just the beginning.

Comfort Dog Taking Rhode Island by Storm

In a delightful twist, Blue had the chance to interact with Tiverton High School students, attend a concert, and savor his first “pup cup” at Starbucks. His curious spirit led him to explore the local library, go apple-picking, and experience his inaugural swim.

Social Media Sensation

Blue’s irresistible charm quickly made him a social media sensation. A recent photo captured him at a computer desk, exuding a sense of earnestness that tugged at the heartstrings of the community. Comments poured in from adoring fans, celebrating Blue’s journey as a comfort dog.

One Facebook user exclaimed, “Mastered ‘Sit up straight,’ ‘Stay,’ and is ready to type already – WOW.” Another heartwarming comment read, “Good for you guys. That pup will help some traumatized citizen or officer feel a bit better someday.”

Blue’s Impact on Tiverton

Officer Wilson shared that when Blue isn’t on duty, he enjoys the life of a “normal pup.” They explore different places together to ensure Blue’s comfort in any situation, from games to nursing homes and beyond.

Blue’s adventures, which you can follow [here](insert link), have had a transformative effect on the town. “He has brought a new spark to our little town,” Officer Wilson proudly proclaimed.

Source: Read the original story on USA TODAY


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