Frightening Canine Attack in Sydney: Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured

Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured

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Frightening Canine Attack in Sydney: Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured


The Onset of a Brutal Attack

In a harrowing incident that shook the tranquil environment of southern Sydney, a 34-year-old woman and her loyal Jack Russell Terrier found themselves at the brutal end of a dog attack perpetrated by two ferocious Irish Wolfhounds. The assault left both the woman and her pet critically injured, instilling a chilling fear into the heart of the local community.

The victim suffered from extensive injuries across her face, neck, arms, hands, and legs, warranting immediate medical attention at St George Hospital. NSW Police Chief Inspector Paul Callaghan reported that she might have a broken arm and may require hand surgery. In contrast, her beloved Jack Russell Terrier fights for its life at a veterinary hospital.

Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured

A Battle for Survival

The attack unfolded around Boggy Well Creek, off Booyong Avenue, where the woman was walking her dog. Without warning, two Irish Wolfhounds targeted her pet, leaving her no choice but to intervene. She tried to save her pet, who sought refuge in the Georges River, but the dogs turned on her as she became ensnared in the mud surrounding the river.

Callaghan praised her courage, saying, “She put aside her own safety for the love of her pet, as many of us would.” A bystander, observing the alarming situation through binoculars from the opposite riverbank, promptly dialed emergency services.

Upon arrival, the police and fire rescue teams were met with the two aggressive dogs and had to resort to pepper spray to fend them off.

Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured

The Aftermath of the Attack

Despite her injuries, the victim managed to extricate herself from the mud, leaving her boots behind. As one police officer tried to assist her, he found himself stuck in the mud as well.

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The woman was quickly transported to the hospital, while a friend rushed her critically injured terrier to a nearby vet. Inspector Callaghan recounted the heartbreaking scene: “It’s an absolutely terrifying circumstance for a lady by herself and her small dog. The victim herself requested NSW Ambulance to drive her past the vet in case the worst happened and the dog passed.”

Woman and Pet Terrier Severely Injured

Investigations Underway

The police collaborated with the George’s River Council to locate and seize the dogs involved in the attack. As the investigation continues, it will be the local council’s responsibility to determine the fate of the two Irish Wolfhounds.

This chilling incident has highlighted the importance of responsible pet ownership and the potential dangers of uncontrolled dogs in shared public spaces.

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