Daring Dog Trio Thwarts Coyote Intrusion in Summerlin Backyard

Daring Dog Trio Thwarts Coyote Intrusion in Summerlin Backyard

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Daring Dog Trio Thwarts Coyote Intrusion in Summerlin Backyard

Imagine awakening to the sound of your pets battling an unexpected visitor in the backyard. It’s the tale of one Summerlin homeowner, whose three small dogs successfully confronted a prowling coyote. This story of bravery and survival reflects the rising concern of urban wildlife encounters.

Unexpected Visitor Stirs up Summerlin Nights

Summerlin resident Jackie Valiente is no stranger to coyote sightings in her neighborhood, but a recent incident hit too close to home. Resting on her couch one Thursday evening after a game, a distinct, unsettling sound snatched her from slumber.
“The sound I couldn’t shake off was like the growl of a panther,” reminisced Valiente. Driven by the disquieting noise, she traveled from her living room to her sliding glass door, roughly 100 feet away, to investigate the ruckus.

Dogged Defense Against the Canine Predator

In the quiet confines of her backyard, Valiente spotted a sight she would never forget – her three brave dogs pitted against a larger adversary, a coyote. A dramatic battle was unfolding to keep the unwanted visitor at bay. It was a heart-stopping sight that dwarfed her trio of dogs, stirring an urgent need to ensure her pets’ safety.
Despite the high-tension encounter lasting barely ninety seconds, for Valiente, it felt like a nightmare. Once she managed to shepherd her pets indoors, ensuring their safety became a top priority. “Just as I thought we were safe after bringing them inside, they dashed towards the dog run, ready to face the coyote once again!” Valiente recounted.

Coyotes in Urban Settings: A Growing Problem

Nevada Department of Wildlife officials have confirmed that such encounters aren’t new. During this time of year, food scarcity drives coyotes to venture into residential areas, targeting small animals. “Coyotes are opportunistic and they don’t discriminate between a dog or a cat, they see potential food,” they explained.
For Valiente and her courageous canine crew, the incident resulted in a sleepless night, a cautionary tale for residents in coyote-prone areas. This weekend, she vows to ensure the dog door remains securely shut once night falls.
“It was an intense, frightening experience, but I’m immensely relieved that my trio is safe,” she expressed. Other locals also shared their encounters with coyote packs in the neighborhood recently, serving as a stern reminder of the ongoing issue.


While urban wildlife sightings are not uncommon, instances such as this remind us of the importance of ensuring the safety of our pets. Remember, vigilance and knowledge can go a long way in preventing any potential harm to your beloved animals.

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