‘Cafe Purrfict’: Wichita Set to Welcome its First Cat Cafe, September Opening Anticipated

Wichita Set to Welcome its First Cat Cafe, September Opening Anticipated

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‘Cafe Purrfict’: Wichita Set to Welcome its First Cat Cafe, September Opening Anticipated


Coffee and Cats: A Perfect Blend Coming Soon to Wichita

Crazy cat ladies and gentlemen of Wichita, get ready to bask in the warm and fuzzy ambiance of your very own coffee shop! A group of three cat enthusiasts is hard at work sketching out plans to introduce Wichita’s first cat cafe, known as Cafe Purrfict. The team, still scouting the perfect location, aims to open doors by September.

What to Expect from Cafe Purrfict

Christina Duncan, one of the co-owners of Cafe Purrfict, shed some light on the unique concept. Patrons will be offered more than just quality coffee; they will experience “feline companionship.” With a housing capacity of 10 to 20 rescue cats, all of which will be up for adoption, customers can enjoy their favorite cup of joe while interacting with these friendly furballs.

An Evolving Concept in the Neighborhood

Duncan, along with partners David Slaughter and Xander Gibson, have been mulling over the idea of a cat cafe for a while. The concept is nothing new in nearby cities like Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Branson, where such establishments are thriving.

“They’re popping up all around us, and I know that if we don’t do this, someone else is going to,” said Duncan, a dog person turned ‘crazy cat lady’ after adopting a stray tabby, Walter.

Location Hunting and Expansion Plans

The owners have started revealing their plans on social media, along with a display of their catchy logo. A primary property they’re interested in is the recently vacated three-story house of Common Grounds Coffee House at 2812 E. Douglas. But as bidding war looms, the trio is also open to securing a spot downtown or on the east side.

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Once the location is finalized, renovations to fit the unique needs of a cat cafe will commence immediately. Duncan explained that, as per food business regulations, separate air circulation for food preparation and cat kennel/mingling areas will be mandatory.

More Than Just a Cafe: A Rescue Hub and Retail Shop

Cafe Purrfict aims to partner with Save the Kitties, a Derby-based cat rescue organization. All cafe residents will be selected for their friendly and sociable nature, while customer-owned cats will not be allowed.

Expect a diverse menu at Cafe Purrfict, featuring coffees, teas, smoothies, sandwiches, and desserts, with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. In addition to being a hotspot for cat lovers, the owners aspire to attract even non-cat people with their irresistible culinary offerings.

The cafe will also feature a retail section, along with a roster of events and activities like cat yoga, private parties, and educational workshops, offering a holistic community experience.

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