Delivery Driver’s Adorable Encounter: Drops Off Package and Meets Playful Pup

Delivery Driver's Adorable Encounte

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Delivery Driver’s Adorable Encounter: Drops Off Package and Meets Playful Pup


A Heartwarming Encounter Caught on Camera

The Adorable Appeal of Duncan the Jack Russell Terrier

A small dog captured on camera begging a delivery driver to throw a ball for him has captured hearts across the internet. Duncan, a Jack Russell Terrier, lives in New Jersey with his owner, Michael Crowe, 35, and, like many dogs, is a big fan of playing fetch.

The Moment Captured

When Crowe received a message alerting him that a package he ordered had been delivered, he quickly noticed something special in the delivery photo. Duncan was gazing up at the driver with a hopeful face, a tennis ball in his mouth, as if asking the delivery person to play with him. This adorable moment was too precious to keep to himself, so Crowe decided to share it online.

Going Viral on Reddit

Crowe posted the photo on Reddit’s “Aww” sub, a community dedicated to all things cute. The snap, shared by his account Losdangles24, quickly gained popularity, garnering close to 4,000 upvotes. Speaking to Newsweek, Crowe mentioned that Duncan would “carry a ball to anyone he sees,” showcasing his friendly and playful nature.

Duncan’s Playful Nature

A Fetch Enthusiast

Crowe shared more about Duncan’s love for playing fetch. “When I bring Duncan to the dog park, he enjoys fetching the tennis ball and then carrying it back to strangers (other dog owners), and they can’t resist but throw it for him. He will do this in any setting. He also brings his ball to our sprinkler repairman, landscaper, etc.” Duncan’s enthusiasm for fetch is evident wherever he goes.

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The Delivery Driver Incident

As soon as Duncan heard the delivery driver open the gate to their home to drop off the package, “he ran into his room to fetch the ball, then ran outside to the deck.” By the time Duncan got outside, the driver had already dropped off the package and was taking the photo. This perfect timing captured Duncan’s hopeful plea for a game of fetch.

Social Media Reactions

Loved by Reddit Users

Reddit users were quick to express their love for Duncan’s photo. One user joked, “If he’s anything like my dog that photo could have been taken after the ball was thrown a hundred times.” Another user agreed, “You could throw the ball a hundred times for my pup, and you’d still get that look when you tried to leave.” A delivery driver commented, “If a dog brings me a ball, I’m chucking it.”

A Hilarious and Heartwarming Share

Crowe knew he had to share the “hilarious” photo on Reddit, as he himself enjoys seeing animal and dog posts from others. “I also know how cute Duncan is and how much people enjoy pics of him,” he said. He thought it was funny that the delivery picture captured Duncan’s perfect timing right next to the package. Crowe clarified that he didn’t intend to suggest the delivery driver did anything wrong. “If the driver stayed and threw the ball 99 times, Duncan would be just as upset when they wouldn’t throw it the 100th time,” he added.

Duncan’s Story

A Beloved Family Pet

Duncan, the adored family pet, lives in New Jersey with Crowe and his second dog, Rooster. Duncan is a happy dog, especially when he’s not putting on his puppy-dog eyes to ask someone to throw a ball. Duncan joined the family in 2022 after they lost their senior Jack Russell, Griffin. Crowe mentioned that Duncan is like a “reincarnation” of their late dog, who “would gladly play with the ball until he collapses.”

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Duncan’s Playful Companion

In addition to Duncan, Crowe also has a mixed-breed rescue pup named Rooster, Duncan’s younger sister. The two dogs bring joy and companionship to Crowe’s life, and their playful antics provide endless entertainment.


Duncan’s heartwarming interaction with the delivery driver serves as a reminder of the simple joys and playful nature of our furry friends. Moments like these highlight the special bond between humans and their pets, bringing smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


1. Why do dogs love playing fetch?

Dogs love playing fetch because it taps into their natural instincts to chase and retrieve. It’s a great way for them to burn off energy and bond with their owners.

2. Can playing fetch help with a dog’s behavior?

Yes, playing fetch can help improve a dog’s behavior by providing physical exercise and mental stimulation, which can reduce boredom and anxiety.

3. Is it common for dogs to bring toys to strangers?

Some dogs, like Duncan, are very social and enjoy interacting with people. Bringing toys to strangers can be a way for them to initiate play and make new friends.

4. How can I make my dog enjoy fetch more?

To make fetch more enjoyable, use a toy or ball your dog loves, play in a safe and open area, and give your dog plenty of praise and treats for retrieving the toy.

5. What should I do if my dog gets tired during fetch?

If your dog shows signs of tiredness, such as heavy panting or slowing down, it’s important to give them a break and provide water. Always pay attention to your dog’s energy levels and avoid overexertion.

For more details, you can read the original article on Newsweek.




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