Little Girl Plays Follow the Leader With Golden Retriever, Delights Viewers

Little Girl Plays Follow the Leader With Golden Retriever

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Little Girl Plays Follow the Leader With Golden Retriever, Delights Viewers


Children Are Natural Copycats

Children are known for mimicking the behavior of those around them, and pets are no exception to this rule. While parents often find their children copying their own habits, pets can also become influential figures in a child’s life. This is especially true for one little girl who has taken imitation to a new level by mimicking her golden retriever, Norby, in a game of follow the leader.

A Heartwarming Bond

The bond between the little girl and Norby is evident in their playful interactions. From pretending to go to the bathroom to sniffing around the bushes, the little girl is determined to be just like her furry friend. The caption on a TikTok video of their antics reads, “Same same,” highlighting the striking similarities between the two.

Embracing the Dog’s Lifestyle

Not only does the little girl copy Norby’s actions, but she also has no qualms about getting down and dirty with her canine companion. Whether it’s rolling on the grass or lounging next to Norby, the little girl is fully committed to imitating her furry sibling.

Influential Dogs

This is not the first time a dog’s behavior has influenced a child. In other households, children have been inspired to pant and politely ask for treats, and one child even learned to shake their butt like a dog’s tail wag.

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Benefits of the Child-Dog Bond

The relationship between children and dogs goes beyond cute moments caught on camera. Children who grow up with dogs receive constant companionship, lead more active lifestyles, learn responsibility, and are happier and healthier overall.

Viewer Reactions

The heartwarming video of the little girl and Norby has garnered over 1.1 million views, with viewers expressing admiration for their strong bond. Comments such as “It’s their world and we’re just living in it” and “Adorable! Both are living their best life together” reflect the widespread appeal of their relationship.


The bond between the little girl and Norby highlights the unique and special relationship that can exist between children and dogs. As the little girl follows Norby’s lead, she not only learns from him but also creates lasting memories and experiences that will shape her understanding of love, companionship, and empathy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions


How can I encourage a strong bond between my child and our dog?

Encouraging positive interactions, such as playtime and training sessions together, can help foster a strong bond between your child and your dog.

Are there any benefits to children growing up with dogs?

Yes, children who grow up with dogs often experience increased physical activity, learn important life skills like empathy and responsibility, and have a constant source of companionship.

How can I ensure the safety of my child around our dog?

It’s important to supervise interactions between your child and your dog, teach your child how to properly approach and handle the dog, and ensure that the dog has a safe space to retreat to if needed.

Can dogs help teach children important life lessons?

Yes, dogs can teach children about empathy, responsibility, and patience, as caring for a dog requires understanding and meeting the dog’s needs.

What should I do if my child is afraid of dogs?

If your child is afraid of dogs, it’s important to address their fears in a calm and supportive manner. You can gradually introduce your child to friendly, well-behaved dogs in a controlled environment to help them overcome their fear.

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