Which Dog Breed Has the Longest Canine Lashes? – Fumi Pets

Which Dog Breed Has the Longest Canine Lashes? - Fumi Pets

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Prince Albert, a Lhasa apso from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, holds the world record for the longest canine eyelash. On November 27, 2004, a 5.35-inch eyelash on Prince Albert’s left side was discovered. Long lashes are genetically inclined in Lhasa apsos to keep their long hair out of their eyes.

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Why Do Some Dogs Have Longer Lashes?

A dog’s eyelashes, like yours, shield his eyes from dirt, particulates, and dust. The length of a dog’s eyelashes, unlike yours, is controlled by the length of his fur. The majority of dogs have short lashes. Long lashes keep strands away from the sensitive surfaces of the eyes in long-haired dogs.

Can we start some sort of petition for groomers to understand we don't want  our dogs eyelashes cut??? This was three weeks ago. Took her yesterday and  now they're all gone. ☹️:

Which Breeds Have The Longest Lashes?

There is no breed that is renowned for having the longest lashes. Long lashes are genetically inclined in a variety of long-haired breeds. Large dogs, such as the Old English sheepdog, and tiny dogs, such as the Maltese, are among these breeds. Long lashes are a common feature of Cocker spaniels. Buddy, a Michigan cocker spaniel, held the world record for the longest eyelash long before Prince Albert.

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Short Haired Breeds With Long Lashes

Long lashes are uncommon in short-haired dogs, so consider yourself fortunate if yours has them. Even if the eyelashes are of normal length, the size and form of a short-haired dog may lead them seem longer. English bulldogs, for example, have squishy, wrinkled faces that make their lashes stand out.

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Long Eyelash Care

To keep your dog’s long lashes from getting tangled in his hair, keep the hair surrounding his eyes clipped or groomed on a regular basis. Even if your dog has long eyelashes, keep hair away from their eyes since a single hair may scrape the surface of the eye and give discomfort to your pet. Whether you choose to clip or let your dog’s lashes grow is entirely up to you. Allow a groomer or veterinarian to handle it. Eyelash trimming requires extreme caution.

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