Puppy ‘Raised’ by Cats Can’t Contain Excitement Seeing Kitten Again

Puppy 'Raised' by Cats Can't Contain Excitement

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Golden Retriever’s Heartwarming Reunion: Puppy ‘Raised’ by Cats Can’t Contain Excitement Seeing Kitten Again


The internet is buzzing with adorable vibes as Ruby, a young golden retriever puppy, experiences an emotional reunion with a kitten, marking the first meeting since her adoption in Washington.

In a heartwarming viral TikTok video shared on the @ruby.retriever account, Ruby’s eagerly awaited rendezvous with a feline friend is captured. Having been raised alongside cats before finding her forever home, Ruby’s excitement is palpable as she patiently waits for the curious kitten to approach.

Ruby’s Tail-Wagging Reunion

Ruby’s tail moves at a lightning pace as she witnesses the orange kitten making the first move, rubbing up against her snoot. Unable to contain her joy, Ruby promptly lays down beside the kitten, creating an irresistibly heart-melting scene.

The caption on the video humorously suggests, “…I believe it’s safe to say that she misses her kitty friends.” This endearing November 3 moment quickly captivated the online community, amassing over 1.3 million views and 227,300 likes.

Internet Demands a Feline Friend for Ruby

Enthusiastic viewers flooded the comments, expressing their love for Ruby and urging the owners to get her a kitten companion. The viral sensation prompted one viewer, jokingly self-identified as one of Ruby’s “many lawyers,” to decree, “This beautiful puppy soul should be getting her own kitten. Now we wait.”

Another viewer commented, “She’s so sweet and so excited,” encapsulating the widespread sentiment of Ruby’s newfound online fan base.

Ruby’s Ongoing Feline Adventures

In an updated video, Ruby is seen once again interacting with the orange kitten, this time with the addition of another furry friend. The video indicates that Ruby now regularly hangs out with her neighbor’s cats, showcasing her amicable relationships with her feline companions.

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Expert Tips on Introducing Dogs and Cats

The heartwarming story of Ruby and her feline friends serves as a reminder of the joyous bonds that can form between different species. If you’re considering introducing your pets, experts recommend a gradual and patient approach.

The American Humane Society advises providing the cat with a dog-free environment initially, equipped with essentials like water, food, toys, and a litter box. Separating the pets for the first few days allows them to acclimate without direct interaction. Subsequent steps involve controlled feeding sessions on either side of a closed door, leading to supervised meet-and-greets in shared spaces.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Emphasizing the significance of patience, experts stress the need for short initial meet-and-greet sessions, rewarding calm behavior with treats. Consistency is key, and pet owners are encouraged to intervene calmly if signs of aggression arise. Gradually increasing the duration of interactions ensures a harmonious coexistence between dogs and cats.

For those curious about how their pets will fare in similar situations, Ruby’s adventures offer a heartening glimpse into the positive outcomes of careful introductions between dogs and cats.

Conclusion: A Tale of Cross-Species Friendship

Ruby’s adorable reunion with the kitten has not only won the hearts of millions online but also serves as a delightful example of the special connections that can form between different animals. As Ruby continues her feline adventures, her story resonates as a testament to the enduring bonds that can flourish between our beloved pets.

For more heartwarming stories and expert pet advice, stay tuned to Newsweek.

Reference: Newsweek – Golden Retriever Puppy ‘Raised’ by Cats Reacts to Seeing Kitten Again



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