Learn how to Build a Cat Birthing Box; Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

Learn how to Build a Cat Birthing Box Everything You Need To Know; Fumi Pets

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Your cat is expecting kittens, and unless you supply her with a birthing box, she may choose to have them in your closet or beneath your bed. She will probably utilise it if you construct a proper box and place it in the appropriate position, but there is no assurance.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Cat Birthing Box?

A queening box, delivery box, cat nesting box, or kittening box is another name for a cat birthing box. It’s just a warm, calm, dark, and comfy place for the cat to feel secure and give birth. In the last weeks of her pregnancy, your cat may become restless and will search for quiet nooks, drawers, and cabinets as her instincts lead her to choose potential kittening locations.

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Making A Box

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on a birthing box when a big cardboard box would suffice. 15 inches by 24 inches is a decent size, but larger if you have a large-breed cat. Cut a 5-inch wide hole in the centre of one of the sides big enough for the cat to go through. Leave the bottom 4 or 5 inches of the box intact to prevent newborn kittens from falling out while allowing the mother to enter without having to leap. Several sheets of newspaper should be used to line the bottom. Place a thick cloth over the top of the box or cover it with a lid.

Choosing A Location

Choose a peaceful location that is free of draughts and chilly air. It should be dimly illuminated rather than brilliantly lit. You may also include a nightie or T-shirt in the box if she has a favourite piece of your clothes she loves to sleep in. Introduce your expecting mother to her birthing box and urge her to sleep in it. If she seems to be dissatisfied with it, consider relocating it to a more peaceful location.

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Preparing For Birth

Near the birthing box, place a cat litter tray and a water dish. Feed her close, but not in, the box. Remove any clothes from the box and simply leave the newspaper when she goes into labour. Remove the birth-soiled newspaper and replace it with fresh newspaper once all of the kittens have been born and washed. When their mother leaves the nest, provide warm blankets or clothes for the kittens to cuddle onto.


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