How to Put Ponytails on a Dog: Everything You Need To Know – Fumi Pets

How to Put Ponytails on a Dog; Everything You Need To Know - Fumi Pets

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Putting your dog’s hair in ponytails is a beautiful solution whether her hair is covering her eyes or you simply want to give her a little more shine at the dog park. Ponytails are also simple to make yourself, unlike other, more complex doggy haircuts.

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Step 1

Using a fine-toothed comb, comb the portions of hair you want in ponytails. Using gentle strokes, pull the hair up and away from your dog’s head. Using the middle of your dog’s head as a midway, divide the dimensions of ponytail A and B. This will guarantee that the ponytails are evenly distributed.

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Step 2 

So you don’t have to collect the hair for ponytail A again, keep it in your opposite hand. Wrap a latex hair band around ponytail A, about half an inch above your dog’s skin, and secure it. The ponytail will not be overly tight and unpleasant if there is some space between the hairband and your dog’s skin.

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Step 3 

Remove the barrette from ponytail B and, as previously, tie a latex hairband around the hair about half an inch above the scalp. Latex hairbands keep your dog’s hair from sliding through the elastic and causing unpleasant snags and pulls. Pulling off the rubber hairband to remove a ponytail is never a good idea. The latex will tug uncomfortably on your dog’s fur as a result of this. Instead, cut the hairbands using nail scissors to remove your dog’s ponytails.

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