Unwanted but Unforgettable: Diesel, the Dog Waiting for a Home

Dog Waiting for a Home

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Unwanted but Unforgettable: Diesel, the Dog Waiting for a Home


In the heart of North Carolina, a tale of resilience and hope unfolds at the Bladen County Animal Shelter. Meet Diesel, a nearly 2-year-old American bulldog mix with eyes filled with confusion and a heart that’s starving for attention. Surrendered because he was deemed ‘unwanted,’ Diesel’s journey to find his forever home has captured the attention of many, yet the wait for adoption continues.

Diesel’s Arrival and the Quest for a Forever Home

Diesel’s journey at the Bladen County Animal Shelter began on October 25 when he was surrendered by his original owner. The intake card marked him as ‘unwanted,’ a label that doesn’t define his worth or the love he has to offer. Silvia Kim, co-founder of A Shelter Friend, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting animals with forever homes, has taken Diesel under her wing.

Kim, who partners with the animal shelter, believes Diesel’s fate hangs in the balance due to space constraints. While Diesel isn’t at an immediate risk of euthanasia, the urgency to find him a loving home is palpable. “I’m surprised he hasn’t been adopted yet because he’s had over 700 shares on our page and he’s had tons of likes,” Kim shared with Newsweek. “I just don’t understand why he hasn’t had any activity.”

Community Outpour and Frustration

A November 12 Facebook post featuring Diesel stirred a wave of emotions within the community. Viewers expressed frustration towards Diesel’s previous owner, emphasizing the need for accountability. One commenter voiced their support, saying, “Awwww, you are wanted sweet boy. I wish I had room for them all.” Another commenter advocated for stricter ownership rules, stating, “They should never be allowed to own ANY pets even again.”

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Diesel’s Personality Shines Through

Kim highlighted Diesel’s positive qualities, stating that he excelled in a test assessing his behavior with other dogs. This makes him a great candidate for a family with existing canine members. While Diesel hasn’t been housebroken, Kim emphasized that he’s a quick learner, especially for an adult dog.

“Whenever she goes into his kennel, all he wants to do is kiss her,” Kim shared, underscoring Diesel’s affectionate nature.

A Shelter Friend: A Beacon of Hope for Southeastern North Carolina

A Shelter Friend, in collaboration with Silvia Kim, plays a crucial role in Diesel’s journey and those of many other animals in southeastern North Carolina. Serving as a liaison, the nonprofit aids in rescue coordination, veterinary care, and transportation efforts. Plans are underway for a transport mission to Canada, aiming to open space for other animals in need.

Kim, with 16 years of experience, expressed concern about the current state of the shelter system. “If I can clear one dog out, it saves that dog but it also clears space for another,” she emphasized.

A Glimpse Into a Troubling Trend

The broader context reveals a distressing trend in animal shelters across the United States. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), 6.3 million pets are surrendered to U.S. shelters annually, averaging 17,260 each day. The Shelter Watch Report by 24Petwatch found an increase in the number of dogs and cats taken in by pet shelters, reaching 46,807 in January 2023 compared to January 2022.

Around 920,000 surrendered animals face euthanasia each year. Shelters are combating this heartbreaking reality through adoption campaigns, spaying and neutering programs, and behavior rehabilitation initiatives.

Conclusion: A Plea for Diesel’s New Beginning

As Diesel continues to wait for his forever home, the collective efforts of A Shelter Friend, Silvia Kim, and the compassionate community rallying behind him paint a picture of hope. The path to adoption is illuminated with every share, like, and supportive comment, showcasing the power of community in making a difference in the lives of animals like Diesel.

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